HolyTransaction Launches Flyp.me, Accountless Crypto Exchange, and Announces Dates of ICO

Place/Date: London - September 21st, 2017 at 8:32 pm UTC · 5 min read
Contact: Mario Morello, Source: HolyTransaction LTD

Universal cryptocurrency wallet provider HolyTransaction launches Flyp.me, its accountless crypto exchange that is private and secure. The new service is now fully working, boosts competitive exchange rates and already supports 13 cryptocurrencies and 169 trading pairs.

Anyone can instantly exchange multiple cryptocurrencies straight to their wallet. No need for any registration, email or ID: only the crypto address where the exchanged crypto will be received. The exchange is easy to use and so fast because it keeps a reserve of each cryptocurrency supported.

Flyp.me is also announcing the start of its ICO for September, 28, 2017 to fund the decentralization of the exchange, drive its adoption and increase the reserves of each cryptocurrency. The roadmap includes R&D for 2nd layer solutions, the integration of decentralized asset platforms and cryptographic auditing.”

Flyp.me Tokens (FYP) will be created during the Presale and ICO to give token owners several benefits. These include 50% share of the profits generated by the exchange and the ability to propose new features or coin additions, vote for key decisions and audit volumes.

With the goal of rebalancing the power between users of an exchange and the exchange itself, Flyp.me is embracing distributed policy making and the redistribution of the profits of shifting amongst token owners.

Every three months, Flyp.me will distribute 50% of the profits to FYP Token owners in proportion to their ownership of tokens. Following the first two payouts, the timing of the payout will be voted by the FYP Token owners in line with Flyp.me’s commitment to distributed policy-making.

Flyp.me has also launched a permissionless API that allows businesses and developers to make exchanges and accept payments in 13 cryptocurrencies. This will contribute to increase volumes and profits.

Flyp.me welcomes users to try the new exchange and confirms that all the following cyptocurrencies will be accepted in the ICO — BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, DASH, FAIR, GAME, DCR, ZEC, SYS, PPC, BLK, and GRC. They can do so on the Flyp.me website.

Flyp.me is the brainchild of the current team at HolyTransaction, the first multi-currency web wallet, one of the first web wallets to support Ethereum and the oldest still active.

FYP Token Tech

FYP Tokens are ERC20-based Ethereum tokens. Each and every FYP Token is divisible, equal to each other and has exactly the same qualities and properties. Following the ICO, no additional FYP Tokens will be created.

Each FYP Token will equally participate in the redistribution of 50% of the profits generated by Flyp.me and its API.

Pre-Sale and ICO

The FYP Tokens are made available in two separate rounds — the pre-sale and the ICO. FYP Token pre-sale and ICO contributors must acknowledge and agree to be bound by the terms. The pre-sale period is now set to end on September 27, 2017, at 15:00 (UTC).

The ICO starts on September 28, 2017, at 15:00 (UTC) and ends at the latest on October 21, 2017, at 15:00 UTC. If the Hard-Cap is reached, the ICO will end 3 (three) hours after the Hard-Cap threshold is reached. The exact time for beginning and closing of the ICO period, as for the time of the countdown closing, will be determined in blocks’ numbers of the Ethereum Blockchain. The exact block number for start and end of the ICO will be communicated before the ICO commences.

About Flyp.me

Flyp.me is the fastest and most private crypto-to-crypto exchange which doesn’t require any registration. It is already live and supports 13 cryptocurrencies. Flyp.me Tokens (FYP) give token owners benefits including 50% share of the profits, the ability to propose new features or coin additions, vote for key decisions and audit volumes.

Flyp.me is built and managed by HolyTransaction, the first multi-currency web wallet, one of the first web wallets to support Ethereum and the oldest still active.

More detail can be found in the Flyp.me whitepaper.

Learn more about Flyp.me at https://www.flyp.me
Flyp.me Exchangehttps://www.flyp.me/exchange
Flyp.me Whitepaperhttps://flyp.me/whitepaper.pdf
Flyp.me FAQhttps://www.flyp.me/faq
Flyp.me ICO sales term available athttps://flyp.me/saleterms.pdf
Find Flyp.me on Telegram Herehttps://t.me/flypme
Find HolyTransaction on Facebook Herehttps://www.facebook.com/holytransaction
Find HolyTransaction on Twitter Herehttps://twitter.com/holytransaction

A couple of quotes from Francesco Simonetti, Flyp.me’s CEO

“Flyp.me is designed for anyone who wants to exchange crypto instantly without the hassle of registration, email or ID verification. An exchange that is fast, truly private and secure. You control your funds and data. We only ask the address where you want your exchanged crypto to be received.”

“Flyp.me wants to become the leading accountless exchange by enabling the community to propose and vote policies and to share 50% of the profits generated by the exchange. We have an ambitious roadmap towards decentralization and seeking the funds to fulfil it.”

“Flyp.me has the privacy, security and usability to become the leading accountless exchange. The exchange is fully functional and the ICO funds will be used to increase volumes, improve the service and fulfil our ambitious roadmap.” 

Disclaimer: HolyTransaction is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.