Latest ICO News

With a view to ensuring fairness and transparency, Algorand has conducted its token sale in the format of a Dutch Auction raising over $60 million.

Is Venture Capital in crypto still a thing? With the obvious benefits, what token offerings bring to the table for both subscribers to token offerings and token issuers?

Report: ICO Projects are Exploring Diverse Verticals

While it’s widely-believed that Initial Coin Offerings are chosen as a fundraising strategy only by blockchain startups, Gregory S Mathew, blockchain expert and professional tech researcher, shares how other sectors explore opportunities presented by ICOs.

Facebook Reversing Crypto Ad Ban as They are Establishing Their Own Cryptocurrency

Facebook has announced that they are relaxing their advertising ban on companies promoting products and services relating to crypto. The move comes as the company is talking about its efforts to create a stablecoin to use within some of its apps.

5 Important Tips to Launch a Successful IEO

Andrey Sergeenkov, an IEO Adviser and experienced digital entrepreneur, shares most essential principles you should keep in mind when launching an Initial Exchange Offering.

Tennis Legend Serena Williams Has Been Secretly Investing in Crypto Exchange Coinbase

In 2014, Serena Williams launched her own investment firm – Serena Ventures, which, boasting quite an impressive portfolio of $12 billion, has quietly been investing in tens of companies including Coinbase.

Blockstack Set to Raise $50M Via World’s First SEC-Approved Crypto Token Sale

Blockstack is likely to set a new precedence in the ICO Industry to be the first company to conduct its token sale under the SEC Regulation A+ framework.