Latest ICO News

FinHub will act as a central medium for the securities agency to interact with developers and entrepreneurs from the fintech space.

South Korean authorities continue discussing the possibility of reallowing ICOs within the country. The final decision is going to be revealed in November 2018.

Is ICO Fundraising Coming to Bitcoin Blockchain? Sidechains Can Make That Possible

South-Korean blockchain startup Temco plans to launch $19 million ICO fundraising on the Bitcoin blockchain by leveraging the RSK’s technology of sidechains.

Quarterly ICO Market Analysis [Q3 2018]

Please, see our report covering data on ICO market movements in 2018, with special emphasis placed on the analysis of market changes over Q3 2018.

Member of South Korea’s Governing Party Urges the State Legalize ICOs

South Korea will consider a possibility to open up the road to Initial Coin Offerings through easing the country’s legislation.

New Research: Cryptocurrency Price Shifts Have Little or No Effect on the ICO Projects

Although Ethereum has been in a bearish trend this year, most of the largest ICO projects have managed to sell as much ETH as they raised, remaining unaffected by its price decline.

Weekly ICO Market Analysis [September 17-23, 2018]

This report covers data on ICO market trends of 2018, with special attention given to the analysis of market movements in September 2018, most notably September 17-23, 2018.