Latest ICO News

Stable Coin will help to curb volatility by adjusting the supply depending on the demand while keeping the value of each token around one USD.

Sources familiar with the matter said that the data analytics firm is also considering using Blockchain technology to secure their online data.

Meet ShareRing: The One-Stop-Shop for Sharing Everything Powered by Blockchain Tech

ShareRing, first blockchain-based system designed for sharing things, aims to become the new Amazon within sharing economy leveraging its own KeazACCESS APIs algorithm.

IQB Project: The World’s First Live-Streaming Blockchain Airdrop Platform

The startup intends to provide the first-ever decentralized live-streaming platform IQB App, combining the benefits of both airdrop and blockchain technology.

Blockchain-Driven Trading Network Vows to Take on Big Banks

A new Blockchain trading platform is aiming to diminish the power and influence of major financial institutions by offering low commission fees and greater freedom for investors.

TriForce Announces Registry for Social Platform Raid Party and Gets 21K Sign ups in One Week

Blockchain-based gaming TriForce has announced registry for social platform Raid Party, having reached 21,000 sign-ups in one week.

Blockchain-based Startup Shivom to Protect Genome Data and Pay for Sharing It

Project Shivom is powering the next era of genomics through blockchain technology – protecting identity, personalising healthcare, transforming lives.