Latest ICO News

With the development of Blockchain technology, many companies want to disrupt the Commodities industry.

Birdchain Wants to Monetize Your Unused SMS, Launches ICO

A new blockchain adaptation will allow regular mobile customers passive earnings from selling the unused SMS. The Birdchain app will sell unused customers’ SMS to businesses.

Meet Cedex: The World’s First Blockchain-Based Diamond Exchange

Using innovative technological solutions, CEDEX wants to transform the current diamond industry, making diamonds a transparent and fungible investment asset.

Nitro is Offering Users an Extended Revenue Opportunity

Transiting from leisure industry to a professional atmosphere has seen the sports and gaming industry rise exponentially both in revenue, participation and organisation.

How Bitcoin Has Breathed New Life Into Bitcoin Casino Betbit

According to the platform’s operator, the virtual currency has brought important advantages that will allow the casino to compete with other live gaming providers.

LiveEdu ICO – Bringing a Reform In Global Online Education With Blockchain Smart Contracts

LiveEDU is developing a completely decentralized online-learning platform on the blockchain network that imparts real-life project-based learning. LiveEDU ICO will go live next week from Nov 21st.