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Karnika E. Yashwant, crypto expert and ICO advisor, introduces reaction piece to the Forbes’ ICO report that not all ICOs are dead but some with service and utility tokens – or protocol assets not designed for monetary exchange – are showing life.

The emergence of new technologies has long been transforming the development of mankind. VR, AR, MR, and all the possible variations of Rs are breaking into many areas of our lives. Got lost? Check out this article and find out how it works.

China’s Central Bank Demonizes Cryptos and STOs at Recent Summit in Beijing

China has banned all Security Token Offerings and all activities linked to them. The government wants to regulate the new tokens before legalizing them to eliminate cases of fraud.

Anchoring Crypto: STOs Will Finally Peg Tokens to Calculable Price Points

Daria Generalova, Managing Partner at ICOBox and marketing, PR & communications expert, shares her vision of current ICO and STO landscapes, explaining which funding alternative boasts better potential.

Bitcoin’s Biggest Congress Enthusiast Introduces a Pro-ICO and Crypto Legislation

Warren Davidson, the biggest bitcoin enthusiast in Congress is set to introduce a new pro-ICO and crypto legislation. He believes that cryptocurrencies can thrive in a Federal-regulated environment.

International Cooperation is Essential for Eradicating ICO Fraud, Says SEC Official

The ICO market has exploded in the last two years attracting an ever-rising number of fraudsters. A SEC official now believes that international cooperation is crucial to bring the scammers to justice.

South Korea’s Financial Regulator Unveils Taxation Plans for Cryptocurrency and ICOs

South Korea’s financial authorities are actively working on preparing new taxation plans to introduce taxes on crypto trading and ICOs.