Latest ICO News

Blockchain-based betting platform XWIN CryptoBet aims to create more stable, secure and transparent system for both players and bookmakers.

The startup Game Machine meets the need of both gamers and investors by providing online platform, which bridged gaming industry with promising blockchain technology.

Streamity to Launch a Truly Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Powered by Smart Contracts

Streamity enters the decentralized exchange market with a service designed to lower fees, increase liquidity and improve security.

A Quick-Start Guide to Buying and Selling Diamonds on the CEDEX Exchange

Did you know that you can make money by buying and selling diamonds? This guide will help cryptocurrency investors to trade diamonds on the CEDEX exchange.

Meet Fire Lotto: The World’s First Truly Transparent Blockchain Lottery

Having chosen the strategy of openness and transparency, Fire Lotto is going to change the public attitude towards the lottery industry.

Blockchain Finance Provider ESR Wallet Raises Funds for Its Universal Fiat & Crypto Wallet

ESR Wallet, the universal payment and credit service with support of popular cryptocurrencies, introduces the world’s first universal wallet with blockchain basement, excelling all the other similar projects.

Automated Crypto Trading Solution Gimmer to Launch ICO

Gimmer will open the world of crypt trading to a wider audience of brokers, offering easy-to-use trading bots that don’t require any programming skills, previous trading experience or in-depth knowledge of cryptocurrencies.