Latest ICO News

The blockchain-based service makes a promising start: the alpha release provides integration with over 600 bookable properties that are about 18% cheaper than the same offers of LockChain’s leading competitor.

Blockchain Startup Zeepin Wants to Build a ‘Decentralized Innovation Community’

With a new decentralized platform, Zeepin intends to transform the world’s creative industry, solving the problems related to copyright protection and project financing.

Blockchain Tech Disrupts Apps Marketplace to Benefit Key Participants

Its common knowledge that direct purchases present higher benefits than deals that are closed through intermediaries in any given marketplace – that is why Blockchain takes Apps marketplace in hand now.

Blockchain-based Job Platform Blocklancer Launches ICO Today

The distributed autonomous job platform Blocklancer, which is aiming to change the freelancing industry bringing benefits to all stakeholders, starts its ICO today.

Preventing Malicious Security Attacks From Striking an ICO

New technologies are risky investments as it is, but a security attack can be fatal.

Streamity to Launch a Truly Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Powered by Smart Contracts

Streamity enters the decentralized exchange market with a service designed to lower fees, increase liquidity and improve security.