Latest ICO News

Are you tired of extremely slow page loading? NOIA Network comes up with a solution. The completely new form of seamless content delivery network serves as an optimization layer for all internet while utilizing your idle resources.

Brazil-based startup Crafty plans to revamp its freelancing platform with the help of the blockchain technology, opening access to cryptos for most underprivileged social.

Ambisafe Introduces Regulation Compliant Token Class for Ethereum Token Securities

With states and financial institutions turning their attention towards cryptocurrency and blockchain assets as a new asset class, regulatory concerns have now become of paramount importance to proliferating tokenized securities on the Ethereum blockchain.

Startup Friendz Turns to Blockchain Tech to Make Marketing More Efficient

Friendz, a fast-growing company, which works to connect brands with their target audience, has introduced a new digital marketing scenario, based on blockchain tech.

The Swapy Network: Universal Access to Credit for Success

With a new solution, people lacking financial access will get an opportunity to receive a credit via a blockchain-powered decentralized network.

Stellar ICO Platform vs. Ethereum ICO Platform

ICO’s are quickly becoming a significant alternative to IPO’s, and they are attracting a lot of interest.

Financial Services Platform CoinMetro Reveals its Regulatory Compliant Program, TGE Live

CoinMetro, a decentralized financial service provider designed to facilitate compliance of Blockchain-based setups with country-specific regulatory requirements, raises over 11.5 Million EUR from its TGE.