Latest ICO News

The company which has boosted the development of virtual and augmented reality wants to attract more users via the public token sale.

Built on the advanced AI and blockchain technology, the new platform aims to revolutionize the healthcare industry, achieving better patient care.

‘Biggest ICO Ever’: Telegram Raises $850M for Its TON Blockchain Development

In the pre-sale round including venture investors, Telegram managed to raise a whopping $850 million, over its initial target of $600 million.

TriForce Tokens Brings on Professional Gamer as Official Advisor

The decentralized gaming platform TriForce Tokens has announced its bringing on Danny Montaner, known as a professional gamer, as an advisor to the platform.

Cryptocurrency Market Enters Maturity as New Projects Link Crypto to Real Economy

Brand new real economy cryptocurrency Bitcoin creates a network of eco-friend and socially responsible companies that can help contributors build green future for the whole planet.

First Blockhain Ecosystem of Israel Reached $2.5 million in Token Sale

The first “Kosher” ecosystem named BitCoen has been launched in Israel. The first token sale has reached $2 500 000.

HADA DBank Plans to Become The First Blockchain-Based Islamic Bank

HADA DBank will fuse Islamic banking module with blockchain technology to let everyone enjoy the benefits of its transparency and risk sharing.