Latest ICO News

Monex Group, that is a new owner of Coincheck, plans to build its own blockchain platform and conduct an initial coin offering.

Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed a number of decision-makers in both public and private sectors across the world make poor decisions that will undoubtedly make it into the history books in years to come.

Orchid Labs Planning to Raise $125 Million In One of the Biggest Token Sale of 2018

Orchid Labs is developing its own surveillance-free layer atop the internet to insulate users from companies that now sell and harvest their data.

Blockchain to Help Millennials Get their Foot on the Housing Ladder

While millennials are facing zillions of hurdles when trying to enter housing market, blockchain-based solutions have all the chances to make the difference.

Startup Gamblica Wants to Turn the Gambling Industry Upside Down with Blockchain Tech

Gamblica is created by gamblers and for gamblers. The online gambling platform has set an ambitious goal: to solve the problem of fraud and increase the industry’s credibility.

Being Backed by IBM Watson, the Most Promising A.I Assistant Named ‘Daneel’ Is Taking Shape

The Estonia-based Daneel Company proposes a daily smart assistant using IBM Watson technology making Daneel the most powerful A.I. in cryptocurrency at your service.

Is ‘Ask and Answer’ Social Media Platform ASKfm Gearing up for an ICO?

With so many initial coin offerings to choose from, the savvy investor has to observe strict due diligence. So, when you catch a sniff of a rumour that a top-tier social network is about to launch a token sale you need to pay attention.