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Love Hate Inu Raises Over $2 Million & Moves to Phase 3 of Vote-to-Earn Presale

March 30th, 2023 at 12:21 pm UTC · 4 min read

Love Hate Inu Raises Over $2 Million & Moves to Phase 3 of Vote-to-Earn Presale

Over the past two years, meme-based cryptocurrencies have gained significant traction in the blockchain space following the industry’s surge in 2021.

One of the most recent and distinctive players is Love Hate Inu (LHINU), a project introducing a unique Web3 concept that could revolutionize the $3 billion online survey market.

Love Hate Inu, a vote-to-earn platform, enables users to engage in online surveys, rewarding their poll opinions with crypto earnings. While this approach shares similarities with the prevalent governance procedures in decentralized blockchain projects, it extends the concept by permitting users to create any poll or survey they desire.

By employing blockchain for polls and surveys, Love Hate Inu ensures a verifiably fair, unchangeable, and tamper-resistant voting process. As a result, voting results are transparent and manipulation-resistant.

This innovative platform has generated immense enthusiasm within the crypto community. In fact, during the initial phase of its token offering, Love Hate Inu raised over $2 million in less than a month.

Love Hate Inu’s Presale Progresses to Phase 3

As Love Hate Inu concluded its second phase and transitioned to the third stage of its Initial Coin Offering (ICO), investors are flocking to buy the $LHINU tokens. A minor increase in the token price accompanied this move to the third phase.

The token sale for Love Hate Inu took six days to achieve its first significant milestone, raising $500,000. The platform captured the interest of many, who now recognize its potential and the unique vote-to-earn approach.

Love Hate Inu Raises Over $2 Million & Moves to Phase 3 of Vote-to-Earn Presale

The funds raised exceeded $2 million upon the completion of stage two. As stated on the project’s website, the current price of 1 $LHINU is $0.000095 USDT. At the time of writing, Love Hate Inu has successfully raised nearly $2,065,733 USDT, with the next goal set at $3,037,500 USDT.

With just over 6 days remaining before the conclusion of the second phase and the start of stage 3, $LHINU is set to rise again to $0.000105 USDT per token. Following this, each subsequent stage will see a further increment in the token’s value. There will be 8 stages, resulting in $LHINU surging to $0.000145 USDT per token by the end of the last stage. $LHINU will maintain this price at launch, with 90 billion units circulating.

Each of the 8 phases will offer 12.5% of the total number of tokens, aiming to reach a final sum of $10,068,750 by the end of the offering. With a total supply of 100 billion tokens, the presale will encompass 90% of this figure, while the remaining 10% will be allocated for liquidity, listings, and rewards.

Visit Love Hate Inu Presale

Presale Stage Token Price Amount of Tokens Token Percent Total Price Stage End Date
1 $0.000085 11,250,000,000 12.5% $956,250 (Soft launch) + 7.5 days
2 $0.000090 11,250,000,000 12.5% $1,012,500 7.5 days
3 $0.000095 11,250,000,000 12.5% $1,068,750 7.5 days
4 $0.000105 11,250,000,000 12.5% $1,181,250 7.5 days
5 $0.000115 11,250,000,000 12.5% $1,293,750 7.5 days
6 $0.000125 11,250,000,000 12.5% $1,406,250 7.5 days
7 $0.000135 11,250,000,000 12.5% $1,518,750 7.5 days
8 $0.000145 11,250,000,000 12.5% $1,631,250 7.5 days
Total 90,000,000,000 100% $10,068,750

The Voting Process Explained

To ensure a fair voting process, users must stake their tokens for a minimum of 30 days to be eligible to vote.

This strategy is designed to deter spam bots and “brigading activists” from attempting to skew the voting results. Thus, the project employs a new approach to enhance security and maintain the vote’s credibility.

Love Hate Inu Raises Over $2 Million & Moves to Phase 3 of Vote-to-Earn Presale

The longer users stake their $LHINU tokens and the more they stake, the more significant their voting power becomes. Consequently, Love Hate Inu presents substantial value to Web3 projects and brands seeking authentic feedback on various subjects and inquiries.

Love Hate Inu aims to establish numerous partnerships to provide sponsored content. Engaging with these partners could also yield exclusive rewards for the project.

The platform strives to make the voting experience enjoyable and shareable, generating viral content whenever feasible. This approach allows the internet community to engage in entertaining debates and receive genuine voting results on various trending topics.

The Future of Love Hate Inu: A Decentralized Vision

Love Hate Inu, a fully decentralized project, will initially be responsible for creating the first set of polls. The ultimate goal, however, is to enable users and third-party entities to establish their polls and queries by the current year’s fourth quarter.

As 2024 commences, Love Hate Inu plans to incorporate a voting mechanism within several prominent metaverse projects on Ethereum’s network. This strategic move will pave the way for potential collaborations with many existing projects, broadening its reach and impact in the digital ecosystem.

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