P2P-Betting Platform Bettium Starts the ICO Main Stage Today

August 9th, 2018 at 11:52 am UTC · 3 min read

The ERC20 standard BETT token will be offered at a rate of $0.05 with the available payment methods to include BTC, ETH. Through the token sale process, contributors will be able to purchase up to 40% (400 millions) from the total available number of 1 billion BETT tokens. The tokenomics of the project are setting the soft cap at 7.5 million USD and hard cap at 30 million USD, while the the tokens distribution process divided into three stages: private sale, presale, and the final round of sale.

At the same time Bettium announced the conclusion of a strategic partnership agreement with the $200 million portfolio venture capital Blockchain Global.

The Bettium team intends to integrate the blockchain technology into the betting industry and simultaneously provide professionals and amateurs with a large set of analytical tools. The Bettium functionality includes a built-in AI assistant, tools for analyzing Big Data and algorithms for automatically managing bids based on the received data.

The tools offered in Bettium’s ecosystem have no analogues and such innovations were previously not available in the betting industry. The integration of blockchain technology and the integrity of smart contracts between the participants of the P2P-network will make the interaction of online betting fans and bookmakers absolutely transparent, reliable and easily scalable.

Bettium CEO Nathan Hunt is sure that blockchain will radically change the betting industry:

“The online betting market is on the threshold of tectonic change. Blockchain will revolutionize the industry, significantly expanding the user base by ushering in new standards for functionality and reliability that will radically change the way individuals interact with each other. The Bettium platform will present a cleaner, more responsible alternative to the traditional bookmaker, fundamentally altering perceptions of sports betting and encouraging wider participation from the community as a whole: bettors, players, advertisers and industry professionals. We intend to show the positive side of the betting industry, providing tools and algorithms that will allow even amateur bettors the chance to play like the experts. Betting today stands at the intersection of sports, technology and logic – and bettium is the key”.

The online betting market has reached $52 billion in 2018, doubled in the last 10 years and will continue to increase according to the industry’s reports and estimations of experts. At the same time, the main players in this niche remain unregulated bookmakers with opaque pricing mechanisms and no guarantees for participants.

Other shortcomings of the current system are excessive commission fees, high deposit requirements and technical vulnerability of online services themselves. Bettium will use blockchain and smart contracts for deposits, payments, transactions and risk coverage, thereby eliminating the drawbacks associated with non-transparency and vulnerability.

In addition, intelligent platform algorithms are expected to align the capabilities of professionals and amateurs by providing the former with the unique analytics and access to Big Data, and the latter with an AI-assistant nicknamed “Merlin” for making well-informed decisions.



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