Pnxbet Joins the New Wave of Sportsbetting with New Live eSports

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Pnxbet Joins the New Wave of Sportsbetting with New Live eSports
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Pnxbet continues to offer casino, poker, and live casino games, but now eSports and virtual sports have become its special priority. Pnxbet is going to focus on Dota2 and CS:GO.

With the dearth of sporting events lending an air of isolation to sports betting enthusiasts, more and more platforms are now seeking fresh alternatives to crypto gaming, and eSports appears to be the likely savior, with more and more people tuning in to watch – and place bets on – gamers all over the world battle it out for prizes and bragging rights.

And now, Pnxbet has taken that action and delivered it right to your computer, allowing users to experience the thrills and spills of live eSports betting via its new live esports section

When sporting agencies and institutions all over the world announced that games would have to be postponed, or in some cases, even canceled indefinitely, the gaming industry would experience its first-ever slowdown as the games that normally fill out markets in sportsbooks disappeared from sporting calendars.

But people staying at home in the face of global pandemic lockdowns need not worry anymore as leading sports betting platform Pnxbet now introduces Live eSports, that not only lets you bet on eSports, but watch players go head to head, betting more as odds change in real-time.

Sports Betting On Hold

From boxing to soccer, and hockey to tennis, almost every country in the world has put sports on hold, to limit the number of physical interactions between fans and sportspersons, as the Covid-19 has been found to be highly virulent and contagious.

The betting industry has been hit hard. In countries like the United Kingdom, where soccer and horse racing takes the lion’s share of British sports betting, revenue has disappeared almost overnight.

And with no sign of resuming any time soon, sports bookies are getting desperate. With some online bookmakers already turning to exotic leagues like Belarussian football or even cockroach racing, it is clear that these are not sustainable, and bettors need sports they can identify with.

eSports became the next natural choice of replacement, and while many have offered markets on eSports, Pnxbet has taken upon itself to take this to the next level.

Why eSports?

While the passion generated in stadiums when watching sports is unique and hard to replicate, there is an equally strong bond that is created between fans, players and franchises who interact electronically. The recent NBA 2K20 Players Tournament, which is currently ongoing, for example, allowed people from any age group and location to compete against each other – providing new betting lines never imagined before.

Even regulators in the US are opening their eyes and becoming more pliable to legalizing eSports betting.

Of course, Pnxbet continues to offer casino, poker, and live casino games, but now has a specialized focus on eSports and virtual sports. And the ability to bet live on competitive games between all kinds of players the world over in a unique range of eSports betting market has never been seen before.

To push this initiative, Pnxbet has partnered with three Southeast Asian gaming streamers. Together with Coach Byb, Guso Gaming, and Xan PH, PNXBet will focus on Dota2 and CS:GO, leveraging their huge fanbase and tournaments annually.

Pnxbet will also consider participation in other offshoots like Tennis R.G. Cup, virtual Europa League, the NBA Regular Cyber Cup, and lots more.

Try live eSports on Pnxbet now with many options to deposit and withdraw, including bank transfer, credit and debit cards, Skrill, Neteller, Voucher Wallet Code, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, and Ethereum!

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