Review of PLCU Coin and Analysis of New Ecosystem

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Review of PLCU Coin and Analysis of New Ecosystem
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PLC Ultima coin is a large-scale ecosystem, supported exclusively by its users. It includes a crowdfunding service, mobile applications, an online store featuring about a hundred international brands, etc.

Today, there are so many tokens, that no one will be surprised by the “innovative approach to cryptocurrency.” However, when a new coin is rapidly gaining popularity and quickly growing in price, the whole crypto world starts talking about it. That is exactly how PLC Ultima got everyone’s attention – in just three months since its launch, it has increased in price from 0.10 to 100,000 USDT, surpassing the legendary Bitcoin.

PLCU Coin Is the Heart of Alex Reinhardt’s Ecosystem

PLC Ultima coin is a large-scale ecosystem, supported exclusively by its users. It includes a crowdfunding service, mobile applications, an online store featuring about a hundred international brands, etc. An international team of programmers led by Alex Reinhardt was building PLCU for five years. Today, the number of PLC Ultima users has already exceeded 1,000,000 people.

Alex Reinhardt is a well-known entrepreneur and startup development specialist (mainly in the IT and FinTech field). He is also a business coach and a popular speaker at various crypto events. PLC Ultima itself, by the way, also holds its international events, for example, in Dubai or Switzerland. Additionally, the company regularly holds masterclasses and webinars, with some of them being hosted by Alex Reinhardt himself. However, he mostly does this on his way to the next conference or business meeting.

What is great about this cryptocurrency is that it is based on minting rather than mining. This means that it doesn’t use as much electricity per year as Argentina does, and does not need any special expert approach to it. Thanks to this, anyone who joins PLC Ultima can start minting Ultima coins. That is, you can not just store your money in cryptocurrency, but also earn on its storage, albeit passively. This way, you can protect your coins from inflation and receive potential income.

PLC Ultima representatives dream of the currency becoming an everyday means of payment. Even Bitcoin has failed to become one so far. Yet, this is where the minting technology really sets the coin apart on the market. Many of the PLC products are designed to help businesses introduce crypto into their work.

Crypto Technology and Opportunities Offered by PLC Ultima

The opportunities provided by PLC Ultima are extremely beneficial both for ordinary people and for companies showing interest in cryptocurrencies. For example, they allow:

  • To launch your startups with the crowdfunding platform Platin Hero or support others’ projects, making money on it. Imagine if Superman got paid for his work! There is no need to transfer cryptocurrency on Platin Hero – you just need to freeze it. If the startup managed to achieve its financial goal, the sponsor receives a reward (new coins generated during this period) together with the unfrozen donation amount. If the goal was not met, you only receive the donation amount. In any case, you get your money back. There are more than seven categories on the website, from medicine to art. Anyone can start fundraising for their startup or even charity.
  • To buy goods for cryptocurrencies (not only PLCU) or become a merchant on the global Platin Deal marketplace. Here you can even pay with BTC or start your online shop (after passing a strict site moderation, of course). Currently, the marketplace only operates in Germany, but you will be able to use it in other regions soon.
  • To pay with cryptocurrency in regular online shops and make commission-free international transfers using Platin Pay. So yes, PLCU has its crypto debit cards, and this is a huge step towards introducing cryptocurrencies into our daily lives.

What about security, though? Everything is fine here too. The company has created its blockchain-based on Litecoin. It uses Segregated Witness and CryptoNight encryption protocol. That makes the system secure against most hacker attacks like blockchain tampering or DDoS. We also checked PLCU price’s rapid growth. After all, we need to know how much it can be trusted. So, the company achieved it using the following strategy:

  • Burning 1% of the coins with each transaction.
  • Freezing 50% of the coins in the system and not using them for minting.
  • 30% of coins are stored in users’ wallets.
  • Gradually, the PLCU production slows down, so that their number does not exceed the demand, but meets it at the same time. Therefore, the “early birds” were especially lucky: at the start of the project, new coins were minted in large volumes and in the shortest possible time.

How Do You Invest in PLC Ultima, and Should You Do It?

Unlike mining, which we also tried, generating new coins with minting turned out to be much easier. Firstly, you just need a smartphone based on iOS or Android. Secondly, the holding process is started by pressing one button. Thirdly, you only need to install two apps from the App Store or Google Play, and also purchase an Ultima Minter certificate. Here’s more about them:

  • PLC Ultima Wallet is a wallet where you store all your cryptocurrency. New coins that will be generated in the holding process will also be sent here. The wallet is protected to the maximum: a private key, a six-digit code, encryption and no linkage to external servers. As one device means one account, no outsider will even be able to log in to it, let alone steal your funds. Although, in this case, if you lose your smartphone, you won’t be able to access the money either. So wrap it in cotton-wool!
  • PLC Ultima Farm. This app freezes PLCUs and launches minting. First, you need to set a freeze period of up to three years, then conclude a smart contract with the company, which guarantees compliance with all conditions. And after that, all you have to do is wait until the deadline ends. As soon as this happens, your funds will be unfrozen and will appear in Ultima Wallet along with the minted coins.
  • Ultima Minter is a so-called “farm” and an electronic license that gives you the right to access the PLCU minting technology. This license is a kind of limiter for the number of network participants so that the situation on the cryptocurrency market does not get out of control. You can purchase several Ultima Minters at once, and then you will be able to generate more coins at a time.

So, the scheme of using minting looks like this: download the apps, buy a certificate, log in to the system, conclude a smart contract (this action is automatic), and start minting. Sounds simple, right?

PLCU Price on Coinsbit

The price of PLCU on Coinsbit reaches up to 90,000 USDT. You can check the current rate on the website. You will also find the coin on HitBTC and Bibox exchanges in PLCU/BTC and PLCU/USDT trading pairs. We recommend monitoring the rate and considering PLC Ultima coins for long-term storage as a method of creating a source of passive income based on the investment. It is in this role that PLCU has proven itself best.

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