Sensitrust Started the Main Sale: AI and Blockchain for Smart Working Environments

September 17th, 2020 at 4:28 pm UTC · 2 min read

Sensitrust Started the Main Sale: AI and Blockchain for Smart Working Environments

Photo: Sensitrust 

The Sensitrust project aims to push Smart Working to the next level by exploiting Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence technologies. The platform will provide new mechanisms to facilitate smart working and allow the development of products and services by means of decentralized team.

The platform will provide innovative safety measures and regulations based on AI and smart contracts to provide a secure and effective environment for the development of complex projects. Sensitrust will support three scenarios: the possibility to hire professionals from a catalog, the participation to an activity as a professional, and the “Call to action”, that is an innovative way to build a decentralized team to implement complex projects.

An innovative AI engine will play an important role, since it will improve the efficiency, the effectiveness of the working practices, and the safety of negotiations and transactions in a decentralized environment. Interestingly, the AI engine will also provide feedback on the quality of the work performed by professionals.

All the activities performed in the platform will be managed by Smart Contracts: agreements, quality and temporal constraints, checkpoints and multiple revisions will be governed, in a decentralized, immutable, and certified manner.

SETS Token is the Sensitrust token that will be seamlessly integrated into the platform and allow users to access the platform services at a discounted price, such as:

  • Access to more qualified professionals (as a customer)
  • Access to more job opportunities (as professional)
  • Advertising opportunities
  • Advanced platform consultant, based on both AI and human experts
  • Stronger guarantees on products and services
  • Access to in-platform training material
  • Membership Subscriptions (all-inclusive packages)

Participants to the token sale will benefit from exclusive advantages, including the early access to the platform functionalities and the free access to premium features during the initial stages of the platform launch.

SETS Tokens can be currently purchased through the official platform website at an exclusive price of 0.08€ /SETS, through Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tron, USDT (ERC20) and Bank transfer.

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