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To see what you can get from cloud mining on SHAMINING, have a look at some features the company offers at the current moment.

Is it worth it to do cloud mining in 2022? For those individuals interested in passive income from cryptocurrency, here is a long-form SHAMINING review. Since 2018, one of the most popular cloud mining platforms offers users a diversity of Bitcoin plans under attractive pricing. Before you will start earning Bitcoins on SHAMINING, review their features, rates, and currently available options. Is SHAMINING a scam or a trusted company, how you can make a payment, and which contract will be most profitable for you? Take some time to read our SHAMINING review to know more about the top global cloud mining platform.

About SHAMINING: Review Company’s History and Goals

The company was created in England in late 2018 by a team of passionate cryptocurrency lovers and blockchain technologies experts. Today they have a head office in London and work under the license of the United Kingdom. SHAMINING is certified and authenticated by the Registrar of Companies for England and Wales as a private limited company. So that’s the convincing answer for those out there who asked if SHAMINING scam or a trusted licensed provider.

Like any other real cloud mining company, SHAMINING has its own data centers with industrial mining facilities. The company’s equipment was installed in Cape Town, London, and San Jose, CA. The facilities are maintained by a team of professional engineers with extensive experience in cryptocurrency mining hardware. The company strongly focuses on environmental issues by using the state-of-the-art technologies of Bitcoin mining.

The UK-based company also focuses on promoting the financial and cryptocurrency culture across the world. The SHAMINING team dreams about a safe and friendly global ecosystem where literally everyone can earn and use cryptocurrencies along with ‘traditional’ fiat money.

Available Features

To see what you can get from cloud mining on SHAMINING, review some features the company offers at the current moment.

  • Different types of Bitcoin miners, including GPU and ASICs. All miners are used by customers remotely.
  • Statistics and control tools. Check your rented miners from any smartphone, tablet, or PC at any time.
  • Income calculator that helps to predict estimated profit from cloud mining before purchasing a contract.
  • Deposit bonus (+37% of power) on the first investment for every new user.
  • Safe and instant withdrawals are available 24 hours.
  • Personal manager support for every customer.
  • Reinvestment tools for those interested in creating a stable passive income in cryptocurrency.

Payment Tools

The next section of our SHAMINING review is all about payment methods and tools customers can use to make payments and withdraw mined coins on the platform. Like any trusted cloud mining provider, the company supports different payment methods.

  • Cryptocurrency wallets. Use your personal Bitcoin address to make or receive payments on SHAMINING.
  • Credit cards. Any cards accepted (including Visa, MasterCard, American Express), no matter which bank you use.
  • SEPA transfers. Pay for contracts and receive mined funds in euros via bank transfers by using your IBAN number.

Note the minimum initial amount on SHAMINING is $500 only. So literally every person who has some hundred dollars can join a cloud mining business to make passive income from Bitcoin mining. Large investment amounts are not required on SHAMINING (review more on the company’s website).

How to Get Payout

In contradistinction with SHAMINING, scam companies usually have particular problems with payouts. But with a trusted cloud mining provider, you just rest easy as your withdrawal requests are processed within 24 hours no matter which day you ask for it. To get your reward from Bitcoin cloud mining, create a withdrawal request in the particular section on your account. It usually takes a couple of hours to receive income, and you can make it at any moment you want. By the way, payouts are daily on the website, and you always see how your business goes.

Available BTC Contracts

Before you make your first payment on SHAMINING, review available miners and tariff plans. You can find some options for Bitcoin cloud mining (other currencies temporarily unavailable on the platform).

  • GPU Miners with a low hash rate. The power is 23 580 GH/s. The price per 1 GH/s is $0.0120.
  • GPU Miners with a high hash rate. The power is 94 340 GH/s. The price per 1 GH/s is $0.0113.
  • ASIC Miners with the highest hash rate. The power is 235 849 GH/s. The price per 1 GH/s is $0.0109.
  • Individual contracts for advanced users interested in the highest state of passive income. The power is 471 000 GH/s. Prices per GH/s start at $0.0106. Contact the technical support team to check availability before purchasing.

Is SHAMINING Scam or Legit?

Is SHAMINING scam or a trustworthy company? You can find some questionable reviews over the internet in which users talk about SHAMINING scam activity. But in fact, let us be honest, it is nothing but a publicity stunt and rival companies’ sabotage. Furthermore, some people (especially those who are new to cryptocurrency cloud mining) can’t realize the fact that any investment involves certain financial risks and long-term commitments. So most users who claim SHAMINING scam activity were not prepared to play the game long, and that’s a fact.

Why SHAMINING Is Safe and Secure

To make sure about SHAMINING, review some facts related to their safety and security.

  • All customers who mine BTC on SHAMINING are definitely REAL people. The company requires users to share real names and photos. Also, every user who wants to mine and withdraw funds is required to get verified by uploading a passport or national ID digital copy.
  • All client funds are kept strongly secured in Tier 1 banks.
  • All information is also highly protected as data is guarded under SSL encryption.
  • The company makes its customers aware of all financial risks related to investment and cloud mining. To make it going on, SHAMINING provides different security tools for reducing financial risks. Responsible cryptocurrency mining is the main goal the team aimed for.
  • SHAMINING implements the Know Your Customer Policy and Anti-Money Laundering Policy to make sure all transactions are transparent and done under the law.
  • Unlike SHAMINING, scam companies are usually non-certified and non-licensed.

So is SHAMINING scam? As you can see, it is definitely not. At the same time, we encourage you to do your own research before you invest in cloud mining contracts and any investment tools as well. Also, if you want to invest in cryptocurrency like a pro, take time to educate yourself about how blockchain and the mining process are done.

The Bottom Line of SHAMINING Review

To end up our SHAMINING review, here are some final words about the company and its offers. As we can see from detailed research, we deal with a legit, trustworthy provider. And the question of whether is SHAMINING scam or a real cloud mining company isn’t actually a question. With over 70K cryptocurrency investors, SHAMINING can be claimed as the top trusted blockchain company with a great variety of options and favorable contract prices. And in the case of SHAMINING, scam activity is exactly inappropriate.

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