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Shiba Inu News: SHIB Price Consolidates, while Helium and Everlodge Top the Charts

January 3rd, 2024 at 4:01 pm UTC · 3 min read

Shiba Inu News: SHIB Price Consolidates, while Helium and Everlodge Top the Charts
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/Everlodge/ – Shiba Inu is consolidating its price while Helium dips after a long growth period. In the meantime, huge interest pushes Everlodge upwards.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Consolidates after Shibarium Success

Shiba Inu gained 0.89% today, 3.34%, 25.17% this month and 25.33% this year. Its Layer-2 network, Shibarium, passed 155 million transactions in less than 4 months. The price jumped along with a $1.2 million burn of SHIB tokens. Whales are coming in as 4.8 trillion Shiba Inu is moved to large holders’ wallets. This is a 375% increase, according to IntoTheBlock. These wallets have also decreased outflows by 60.4%, indicating accumulation.

Shiba Inu’s RSI at the 1-day chart is currently at 66.52, which is close to being overbought but is still in the neutral zone. The 5-day chart looks better and sits at 54.53. This means it’s in the neutral zone. Oscillators remain neutral, while the moving averages are a strong buy. These show that the price has likely consolidated.

Helium (HNT) Growing Because of Its Mobile Service

Helium took a 15.8% dip today, but it’s still up 25.72% for the week and a huge 288% for the month. The end of the year marks a 317% surge. Helium grew mostly because it revealed that users across the US could get unlimited data, calls, and text messages for $20/month through their new mobile service.

While other carriers are introducing data limits and require contracts, Helium doesn’t. Helium’s goal is to improve the communication of wireless IoT devices. Users buy hotspots and provide network coverage in a certain area and get Helium in return.

The 1-day chart shows a 65.33 RSI while the 5-day chart shows 53.81, both remaining in the neutral zone. The oscillators are currently showing – a sell while the moving averages are showing a strong buy on the 1-day chart. However, the 1-week oscillators remain neutral, while the moving averages show a strong buy. Helium experienced a correction today, but in the long term, it’s going to keep breaking charts.

Everlodge (ELDG) Tapping into a $280 Trillion Business

Everlodge has already reached Stage 8 of its presale, as analysts predict a 280% rise before its end. The new AirBnB of crypto is issuing real estate NFTs. Real property.

Can’t afford to buy a house? No problem. Properties are fractionalized and sold on an open market. Therefore, investors have liquid funds that they can always trade. Investors earn coins proportional to their ownership percentage, and they can always sell their fraction or use it as collateral on lending platforms. Amazing.

In this time of turmoil, many have turned to things backed by real-world assets. Everlodge is gaining massive popularity and is estimated to grow 30x at the launch date. This is only going to be the beginning since Everlodge is going to tap into the $280 trillion real estate market. As partnerships and interest grow, only the sky is the limit.

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