Sologenic: Next Force for Financial Market Democratization

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Sologenic: Next Force for Financial Market Democratization
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Sologenic deploys a specific algorithm to analyze the community feedback in different events and allows various levels of governance authority depending on the number of SOLO coins that they hold.

Sologenic is a DeFi ecosystem built by 30+ experts and blockchain advocates. The ecosystem has announced the expansion of its product lines to include debit cards, savings accounts, and a DEX allowing the trading of tokenized assets. The platform boasts 4-5 second transaction speeds and the ability to tokenize assets on the XRP Ledger and trade almost instantly.

The benefits of tokenizing assets on the blockchain are vast. Sologenic offers users the ability to access assets from more than 30 global stock exchanges in North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania 24/7, to trade any fraction of 40,000+ stocks, ETFs and commodities, all while allowing users to self-custody assets.

Sologenic’s Role in Society & Technology

Sologenic seeks to cut the cost of cross border transactions through cryptocurrency as well as allowing anyone from a country like Canada to invest in companies listed in China or Japan. Sologenic also generates stablecoins backed 1:1 with real-world assets for those who wish to avoid significant cryptocurrency volatility. Each stablecoin represents the ownership of real-world assets. Once tokenized, the asset issued on the blockchain is denominated with the suffix Ƨ, for example, a tokenized asset of TSLA is represented as TSLAƨ.

Sologenic does not skimp in terms of the features they offer SOLO holders who can voluntarily participate in the SOLO Savings Program (SSP) to receive staking rewards. The benefits of joining the SOLO ecosystem far exceed the rewards that users would get by depositing their savings in traditional banks. The ecosystem offers 6-20% APR rewards that are distributed daily in conjunction with CoinField Exchange.

With Sologenic’s SOLO Cards, anybody can spend their digital assets globally, online, or in stores. SOLO Card users can also pay directly for everyday purchases and services without liquidating their tokenized assets through a brokerage. Available in 193 countries, there are four tiers of cards available in three different materials – plastic, metal, and carbon fiber. Each level comes with varying benefits. Users will qualify for each tier, depending on how many SOLOs they hold. SOLO holders can upgrade to the next tier when they reach the next threshold.

SOLO Card benefits include up to 2% monthly cashback paid in SOLO every month, airport lounge access, access to the Liquidity Provider Reward Program, and rebates on Spotify, Netflix, Playstation Plus, and Amazon Prime. Users also get SOLO Store credit, allowing SOLO Card better rewards than many major debit or credit cards.

The core values of Transparency, Asset Security, Compliance, Dynamism, and Community allow for the team behind Sologenic to impact society in a meaningful and impactful way.

Where to Buy SOLO & SOLO Use Cases

Users can buy Sologenic (SOLO) on eleven global crypto exchanges that currently list SOLO. Available SOLO trading pairs include USDT, USD, EUR, GBP, and XRP. The ecosystem facilitates investing and trading between crypto and non-blockchain assets such as stocks, ETFs, and commodities from the top 30+ global stock exchanges. Those who are already CoinField users can convert their CoinField wallets to start trading on the Sologenic platform in one simple click.

The SOLO Community Fund (SCF) is used to develop decentralized community-based projects utilizing SOLO, creating community events fostering the SOLO token’s adoption, and preventing emergencies. The first initiative funded by the SCF is Sologenic’s XRP Bounty Program.

Sologenic deploys a specific algorithm to analyze the community feedback in different events and allows various levels of governance authority depending on the number of SOLO coins that they hold.

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