StepChain: The App Of The Future

October 8th, 2019 at 3:10 pm UTC · 4 min read

StepChain: The App Of The Future

In today’s world, routine and lack of physical activity are making people unhealthy. With more than 30% of adults being overweight and one-third of children being obese due to lack of motivation, a need for an app capable of keeping people motivated is more than necessary.

StepChain is a revolutionary and responsible fitness app that offers rewards in exchange for your steps count. Based on the data extracted from the pedometer and phone accelerometer, users obtain great rewards that can be exchanged for goods and services from the fitness and sports industry, with specific discounts or even allowing users to make charitable donations with the rewards earned.

People familiarized with fitness apps will find it easy to transition to StepChain. Through the app, users will be able to compete with family or friends, thereby creating a sustainable and social fitness community. Through gamification, people can stay motivated and achieve their fitness goals without drifting away.

StepChain is built on the Ethereum Blockchain, and has created its own cryptocurrency that will be given to the users who achieve their step count each day. This will transform any physical activity into a rewarded activity, which eventually will help people to be healthier. In addition, blockchain technology will offer a breakthrough within the fitness industry by facilitating access to people who will be in charge of handling their own records and information, without any other party meddling.

Unfortunately for many fitness enthusiasts, most of the apps that are out in the market constantly share data of their users and even sell it to unknown third parties, monetizing on private information that should not be shared. With StepChain, the user remains in control by combining privacy and security through each record of data.

To put it simply, we can represent the Blockchain as a register written in indelible ink, which keeps track of all information issued. An information is a “block”, which is added to the “chain.” What works as much for economic transactions, information, videos, music, everything can appear on the Blockchain.

The app is meant to be much more than a simple reward system for step counts or physical activity throughout the day. The app’s ambition is to create a whole ecosystem where its active “activist” can trade the token shop with the token and donate with the token thanks to their activity.

Other Features

StepChain will offer many other features such as Daily Tips for dietary habits or improvement of their lifestyle. A Wallet service for people to store their STEP coins and them accordingly. A fun Competition mode that will challenge users and others to improve their overall activity. A Native Integration system with other well-known fitness apps such as Google Fit and Apple Health, and a great Social Platform that will let users interact with each other and encourage themselves through the journey of physical fitness.

The years 2019 and 2020 have been announced as the years of 5G deployment which will allow wearable devices to communicate in less than one millisecond (ms). However, the current configuration of 5G networks has discrepancies in terms of network reach for wearables and IoT. StepChain will also act as a relay to transfer such data between wearables and combine them in order to provide a more realistic reward scheme for its users.

The Future Of Fitness

With StepChain people will stay motivated to get moving more and maintain a healthy body. Through rewards, users will get healthier and wealthier in the same process. Redeeming rewards using STEP coins will make every fitness enthusiast feel like their hard work has literally paid off, and in doing so the rewards can be donated to others less fortunate.

Overall, StepChain offers a new approach to fitness and how to get people motivated to be healthier.

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