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TravelChain Launches World’s First Decentralized Data Exchange for the Travel Industry

November 28th, 2017 at 12:59 pm UTC · 3 min read

Blockchain project TravelChain today announced that for their token sale they are not going to use the ethereum smartcontract, which they have posted earlier on GitHub. The token sale is going to be on their graphene-based blockchain and going to start on December 15. TravelChain is a breakthrough in travel industry and is the core of the SmartTraveling Ecosystem which is going to provide  reliable tools for developers willing to create services that meet demands of contemporary leisure travelers.

“Data is the “oil” of the 21st century, but in most cases, it circulates within corporate systems and cannot be used by other companies to create innovative services. We are looking to bring fourth digital revolution in the travel industry using blockchain.” said TravelChain co-founder and CEO Ilya Orlov. “We designed TravelChain to bridge the gap between all stakeholders in the travel industry and incentivize the consumers. Travelution is coming”

Market Overview

Data market is currently not monetized outside of advertising space. Alphabet (Google, YouTube), Facebook, AirBnB, Amadeus and other services barely reach outside base advertising products and services to individuals.

TravelChain provides different models, enabling data sharing among individuals and business on equal terms.

Target for consumers: To make profit from sharing their data, to get the best deals and offers from businesses and an ability to make the C2C escrow deals.

Target for businesses: Information about potential customers, big data for better market analysis, immediate feedback from customers about goods and services and an ability to provide the best possible conditions for any customer. Access to the TravelChain ecosystem data can significantly reduce marketing costs of business.

TravelToken sale

Travel chain is going for its token sale on 15th December 2017, and it’ll last for up to two month. Limited part of tokens is going to be out there with 15% bonus. The value of 1 TravelToken is going to be around 0,0000016 BTC (26.11.17 rate). In total 693 000 000 tokens shall be released during the TokenSale.

About TravelChain

TravelChain is a decentralized data exchange platform for the travel industry. It is globally scalable data storage infrastructure, secure by its design.Graphene based blockchain allows us to make the public information available for every part of the system, while private information is safely encrypted and stored with just the mark about the type of the information inside.

Individual users (private or corporate entities) own the keys to their data in order to control secure storage or distributing / selling their data in real time.

A key component of TravelChain is Traveler Passport, a model with distributed trust that allows you to form an image of another person without being acquainted personally. When dealing with unknown people, it is difficult to predict their actions. However, this is critical when it comes to money, private property, and health.