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Wicked Cranium NFT Sales Reach $4M Just in 2 Days

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Wicked Cranium NFT Sales Reach $4M Just in 2 Days
Photo: Wicked Cranium / Twitter

The Wicked Cranium NFT project has emerged as the new buzz in the marketplace.

Wicked Cranium NFTs became the leading NFT project after producing 4 million dollars in a matter of two days. The project was kicked off on 20th June and managed to sell off all the articles within half an hour of release.

Wicked Cranium has stirred up the NFT market following the release of 10,762 articles. Now it has managed to surpass the OpenSea NFT franchise, one of the leading digital marketplace.

What Is NFT?

In simple terms, NFTs give the images and videos present on the internet a unique identity and add a mark of ownership to them. This turns these digital objects into collectibles. CryptoPunks and OpenSea are some of the pioneer NFT projects. After its tremendous success and popularity, Wicked Cranium is now one of them.

All NFT projects are fundamentally the same and involve a limited number of digital portraits. Each version of these portraits has slight random variations that can include but are not limited to color, accessories, or texture. These variations make some portraits rarer than the others.

Wicked Cranium from ‘the Islands of Osseous’ Sold Off in 30 Minutes

The Wicked Cranium NFT project has emerged as the new buzz in the marketplace. This project had 10,762 portraits that delineate the craniums from the Islands of Osseous. The portraits became the cynosure of the NFT enthusiasts.

Earlier the NFTs were meant for the mint for 0.06 ETH. However, the increasing interest of people in these collectibles raised the price up to five times, making it 0.3 ETH. Among other investors, one fortunate minter became rich with a premium crowned Emerald Cranium, which was sold for a swooping 19 ETH.

It is evident by looking at the splurge of investors buying Wicked Craniums that it is a great collectible, and the limited number of portraits, some of which are extremely rare, has only added fuel to the fire. There are over 180 characteristics using which each portrait can be differentiated from the other.

They are currently completely sold out. However, one can still purchase them from the secondary market in OpenSea.

Future of NFTs

Following this sudden outbreak in the number of NFT enthusiasts and an increasing number of NFT projects being launched, one is bound to question its future. NFTs and cryptocurrency have been rather unpredictable, but they had certainly created a hype that was evident earlier this year, in May, when the total NFT trade was $ 5.8 million each day.

However, one should also note that something that can generate such massive values does not come without equally massive risks. But NFTs have the potential to offer practical applications in the future if the problems and risks associated with them are terminated.

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