DuckDuckGo Now Shows You In-Depth Bitcoin Block Chain Information

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DuckDuckGo Now Shows You In-Depth Bitcoin Block Chain Information
Searching for a bitcoin address on DuckDuckGo will now produce more than just a balance of a bitcoin address. Photo: Pixishared/Flickr

DuckDuckGo, internet service firm, enables its users to access detailed bitcoin transaction data.

U.S.-based internet search engine DuckDuckGo now allows its users to view information about their bitcoin transactions after integration with Biteasy, a startup which provides an API that can be used to read the bitcoin blockchain.

The firm has recently submitted a GitHub pull request to the search engine, allowing the code to provide an access to the block chain data for DuckDuckGo users. DuckDuckGo was previously used to acces data on wallet balance.

The completion of API integration was officially announced by Biteasy on 12th of August.

The move demonstrates the increasing trend of displaying important bitcoin data by the search engine ecosystem. During the past few months, such companies, as multinational corporation Google and search giant Yahoo! have tapped the block chain to distribute price information.

Speaking to CoinDesk, a representative from Biteasy said: “They showed interest and enthusiasm from the start. They were really helpful with their suggestions and we think it worked out fine for both of us. We really loved working with them in order to complete this task and we are looking forward to do so again in the future.”

DuckDuckGo integration enables users of the private search engine to view transaction data and wallet information.

The provided data is also available on such platforms as Blockchain. Users can see the size of the block, hash, reward and its difficulties and related fees.

In comparison with services offered by Yahoo! and Google, the search engine decided to take a different approach by giving network information instead of prices data.

Biteasy also told CoinDesk that the DuckDuckGo integration is likely to be a good example of how internet search engines create intuitive environments to access block chain data. The company said:

Biteasy told CoinDesk that it’s possible the DuckDuckGo integration could be a model for how search engines create intuitive environments for accessing block chain information, saying: “DuckDuckGo bitcoin users will not have to leave their favorite search tool in order to check their balances or pending transactions. Hopefully other search engines will follow suit.”

In addition, Biteasy said that it is going to enlarge its services in the future. The company plans to provide more detailed block chain information that can be integrated through open-source API.

DuckDuckGo is strongly focused on its searchers’ privacy, and does not log user information. The search engine attracts approximately 5,000,000 searches per day.

The announcement was made after Google incorporated bitcoin price conversion to its search engine.

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