Bitcoin Maxi and Advisor to El Salvador President Max Keiser Predicts BTC Price to Hit $375,000

Bitcoin Maxi and Advisor to El Salvador President Max Keiser Predicts BTC Price to Hit $375,000

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Bitcoin Maxi and Advisor to El Salvador President Max Keiser Predicts BTC Price to Hit $375,000
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Bitcoin maximalist Max Keiser also informed that he’s sitting on a staggering 20,000,000% profit on his BTC stash accumulated since 2011.

Earlier this week, the world’s largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) registered a strong price rally and is currently flirting around $44,000 levels. With the Bitcoin price already up by 166% since the beginning of 2023, analysts continue to share more bullish views. Max Keiser, the popular Bitcoin maximalist and advisor to El Salvador President Nayib Bukele, has given a mega-bullish prediction for BTC.

He noted that the price of Bitcoin has been trailing behind the increase in hashrate. Concurrently, he suggested that the targeting and takedown of competitor Binance’s CEO Changpeng Zhao were orchestrated by major Wall Street players. Keiser believes that the current surge in price is aligning with the implied hash-adjusted price of $375,000.

The anticipation expressed by Bitcoin enthusiast Max Keiser aligns with the sentiment of Galaxy Digital CEO, who envisions Bitcoin reaching its previous highs of $69,000 upon ETF approval. Novogratz further anticipates a substantial influx of billions of dollars into the ETF industry within the initial year of Bitcoin ETF trading.

Max Keiser has also hinted at a ‘God Candle’ influencing a $100,000 surge in BTC prices. Keiser suggested that the unfolding of this God Candle scenario will be nothing short of shocking for the global audience. In cryptocurrency, a God Candle typically denotes a candlestick pattern characterized by an unforeseen and substantial price increase, akin to achieving a 100% rise within a short span of a few weeks.

Max Keiser’s Bitcoin Profits At 20,000,000%

Additionally, Keiser also flexed the massive profits that he’s been witnessing currently on his Bitcoin stash. Keiser emphasized that he has maintained a Bitcoin holding since 2011, recognizing the immense latent potential of BTC to revolutionize the world.

He initiated his Bitcoin purchases three years after the creation of the first BTC block and one year following the public disappearance of Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. Keiser tweeted that his Bitcoin holdings have seen a remarkable increase of “20,000,000% since 2011”.

Although he has not officially disclosed the specific amount of BTC he possesses, he adheres to a fundamental security practice in the crypto space by refraining from flaunting holdings on social media. Nevertheless, it is evident that, like many early Bitcoin adopters, Keiser has amassed a significant Bitcoin portfolio and has emerged as an outspoken Bitcoin maximalist over the years.

Bitcoin has experienced a remarkable surge of over 60% since mid-October, fueled by speculation about the Securities and Exchange Commission’s potential approval of ETF applications from major players like BlackRock. As of Wednesday, the token remained relatively stable, trading around $44,000.

In November, the combined trading volume for both spot and derivatives on centralized exchanges witnessed a substantial 40.7% increase, reaching $3.61 trillion. This figure represents the highest total combined volume since March, according to data from researcher CCData.

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