Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire Accepted Justin Sun’s Invitation to Lunch With Buffett

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Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire Accepted Justin Sun’s Invitation to Lunch With Buffett
Jeremy Allaire. Photo: International Monetary Fund / Flickr

Tron CEO Justin Sun invited Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire to join them in San Fransisco for the Crypto Power Lunch with billionaire Bitcoin skeptic Warren Buffett. Allaire cheerfully accepted the invitation.

It is six days until the much-anticipated lunch with Warren Buffett that Tron’s CEO Justin Sun cashed whopping $4.57 million for.

However, the complete guest list is still not known. Latest add on is Sun’s good friend, Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire.

Allaire is definitely one of the biggest Bitcoin proponents. He says that fundamentals of the technology behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been advancing at a very rapid rate, and there’s now a broader understanding of the newly-formed crypto asset class.

Allaire also recently said that there is a belief that next-generation blockchain platforms, such as Facebook’s Libra, will lead to the adoption of these technologies by billions of people around the world.

In his view, crypto assets backed by government-issued currencies will still be useful for the everyday financial activity such as receiving a salary or paying taxes. Allaire added that regulators are currently figuring out how to regulate the issuers of these sorts of stablecoins.

That is a pretty interesting position that President Donald Trump should accept Sun’s invitation. The thing is, following Trump’s bitter comments towards Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, Sun decided to invite him alongside other crypto stakeholders at the Buffet luncheon. As Sun said, he hopes to introduce and explain the crypto industry to influential individuals for them to understand the industry better.

There is still no official answer from Trump but, for sure, it will be interesting to see how Trump will respond. We should bear in mind that even negative publicity is sometimes what one needs. For now, we could see that even when Trump raises his voice against Bitcoin and crypto, it makes more people search and learn about it. So, this all could probably turn out to be a positive thing for the crypto space in the long-run.

The same thing is with Buffett who is not very eager about cryptocurrencies and blockchain whatsoever. Sun said that meeting him is one of the best opportunities to introduce a large group of people to cryptocurrency and blockchain. People who have heard about this lunch or will hear about it may want to know more about the industry. Sun said he also wants to build a bridge between the blockchain community and institutional investors. Knowledge transfer between the two groups can help both sides.

Among known invitees there is the founder of Litecoin Charlie Lee, Livio Wang of Huobi and Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance who graciously turned down the invitation, suggesting a prominent podcaster from the US to go in his place.

However, Sun admitted that he’s not sure how much he could persuade Buffett in three hours or less. He said he would point him to the recent moves by other big companies to embrace crypto. J.P. Morgan, IBM and Facebook are all jumping into the market based on its promise of borderless commerce and decentralized finance.

Nevertheless, we can presuppose that mentioning Facebook after Marcus’s last hearings in front of the Congress – wouldn’t be a good idea after all. And even though three-hour lunch doesn’t seem enough to convince someone to embrace cryptocurrencies, maybe a nightcap would help – just tp remember Justin, Buffett does not drink alcohol – but cherry Cola could soften his heart.

At the time of writing, Tron was up by 5.57% to $0,025.

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