Baccarat Winner Takes Home $300,000 on a $60 Punt at PNXBET

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Baccarat Winner Takes Home $300,000 on a $60 Punt at PNXBET
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A lucky online casino player from the Philippines has won a massive prize of PHP 15 million worth USD 300,000 playing the game of Baccarat on popular betting website

There is much to be happy for if living in the South East island nation of the Philippines. Golden sun all year round, tropical palms stretching into the sky. Turquoise clear waters lapping gently on miles upon miles of white sandy beaches.

But one lucky Filipino man made his life even better by choosing to stay at home during the ongoing coronavirus lockdown, and putting down his money instead on a LIVE baccarat table on PNXBET online casino. Using a local Bitcoin wallet app called, depositing his local currency to play at Pnxbet was a matter of just a few taps, before seamlessly being able to wager Philippine peso on hundreds of online games.

And his daring bet of PHP 3,000 (Philippine peso worth about $60) on the Evolution brand of SPEED baccarat turned out to be a life-changing moment when it hit big and struck him a massive prize of PHP 15 million worth USD 300,000!

What made the win even more extraordinary was that his bet was only his third ever, bringing true meaning to the term “third time lucky”.

A perhaps slightly panicky moment ensued right after the big win – the biggest of his life – when the large-sized winnings triggered Pnxbet security measures, kicking in a temporary freeze of the player’s account. Of course, management quickly verified that the site’s advanced validation system found that the win was legitimate, and the lucky winner got all his funds in under an hour.

Booming Growth

While most of the world has seen various industries crash in the midst of a global lockdown and economic slowdown, Pnxbet casino has emerged as one of the few online gaming platforms that have in fact done well in this time of crisis.

Quickly replacing sports betting options with digital alternatives of eSports and related events like the NBA 2K20 Players Tournament, Pnxbet has only broadened its reach in the South East Asia region, with partner deals inked with famed live stream gamers Coach Byb, Guso Gaming, and Xan PH hoping to increase their visibility with existing fanbases.

And all this doesn’t change the fundamentals of Pnxbet: honest odds updated in real time, with easy deposit and withdrawals with numerous payment options like bank transfer, credit and debit cards, Skrill, Neteller, Voucher Wallet Code, as well as crypto transfers with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, and Ethereum.

Winners like their recent Baccarat champion often pass through the halls of Pnxbet, and those who dare, reap the rewards. If you want to experience the thrill of knowing that you could be the next big winner, why not try out a hand at one of the casino games on Pnxbet? You never know when you could be the next big winner! Play now at Pnxbet’s online casino and see for yourself how fun Evolution titles can be!

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