Bullieverse Concludes Funding Round to Develop Immersive Metaverse Experience

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Bullieverse Concludes Funding Round to Develop Immersive Metaverse Experience
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Using the recently-received funding, Bullieverse wants to build an arcade of varying play-to-earn products for its community.

Bullieverse announced that it has successfully concluded a strategic funding round where it raised $4 million. The open metaverse community for players and creators stated that it would use the newly-generated capital to develop an immersive metaverse product. According to Bullieverse, this immersive and profitable gaming experience would lead to an overall enrichment of the GameFi space. In an official statement, Bullieverse said:

“This funding supports Bullieverse’s mission to establish an open metaverse platform truly owned by Web3 enthusiasts, creators, and a growing community of gamers.”

Furthermore, Bullieverse also stressed that the funding will enable it to expand its ecosystem and build an arcade of play-to-earn games for the community.

Participating investors in the Bullieverse funding round were mostly Web3-oriented venture funds and high-profile angel investors. The exercise was led by OKX Blockdream Ventures, while Fundamental Games, 6th Man Ventures, C2 Ventures, and Gate Labs also made investments. Furthermore, GravityX, Roark Fund, LD Capital, Rainmaker Games, Good Games Guild, Gen Block, Shima Capital, Mintable, DWeb3, and ExNetwork also participated.

Mike Dudas and Serge Kassardjian, blockchain veterans from one of Bullieverse’s investing partners, 6th Man Ventures, commented on the development. The duo gave their vote of confidence on Bullieverse’s proficiency in the Web3 and metaverse-gaming space. Furthermore, Dudas and Kassardjian also stated that Bullieverse’s agenda with play-to-earn gaming also resonates with that of 6th Man Ventures. Finally, the blockchain veterans concluded by expressing optimism at their working relationship with Bullieverse going forward.

Bullieverse CEO on Funding Round & Company’s Plans for the Metaverse

Chief executive officer and co-founder Srini Anala also weighed in on the recently concluded exercise. According to Anala, the exercise was highly pivotal to the next phase of his product’s progress and continued evolution. As he put it:

“Closing this funding round is a key milestone in the Bullieverse journey. We now have all the momentum we need to achieve our vision of being “The Metaverse” platform. We will double down on our focus of our themes “Play, Earn, Own and Experience” by executing our product and growth roadmaps.”

Anala also touched on Bullievere’s antecedents in the Web3 space saying:

“There are very few Web 3.0 projects that have a live product even before token launch – and we are one of them. We are also the first 3D metaverse play on Unreal Engine with a live game.”

The chief executive concluded by saying his platform was looking forward to the next “12 to 18 months of execution.”

Bullieverse is currently organizing a whitelisting campaign for closed testing of its flagship product dubbed “The Bear Hunt”. This initiative will likely go live in the first quarter, according to the team’s estimations.


Bullieverse is an open-world metaverse of crypto-centric arcade games developed for the community of players and creators. Built for the Web3 enthusiast to have an immersive environment, the platform enhances metaverse-themed GameFi products for players. As a result, gamers get to enjoy an engaging experience.

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