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Go for Gold: CryptoSlots Recently Launched Game 

UTC by Andrey Sergeenkov · 3 min read
Go for Gold: CryptoSlots Recently Launched Game 
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With more crypto-based gaming platforms entering the market, CryptoSlots is working to cement its place as a leader in this emerging market.

According to several data analytics websites, the gaming industry, currently worth over $300 billion, is more valued than the music and movie industries combined. Driven by the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and the stay-at-home orders, the gaming market has grown exponentially with more than 2 billion active gamers around the world.

While most experts earlier predicted 2026 as the year for a rise in the value of the market, it is shocking to discover that the industry had exceeded all human expectations in the shortest time possible. Although a billion-dollar industry, the gaming market, through the help of blockchain technology, could become even bigger than anyone may have envisaged. How?

Blockchain, the immutable and transparent technology on which almost all cryptocurrencies are built, is replete with potentials capable of driving the gaming markets to ordinarily unattainable heights. With analysts carefully speculating that cryptocurrencies could embrace global adoption – the one thing the trillion-dollar crypto market needs – through the gaming industry, a ton of platforms have been launched to offer crypto investors this opportunity.

One of such platforms is CryptoSlots.

Since its inception, the online casino has launched a plethora of gaming options to choose from, thereby offering the new wave of gamers an opportunity to tilt towards cryptocurrencies whilst still enjoying all of their favorite slot games. In a recent article by BTC Peers, one of the leading crypto news sites, it was unequivocally stated that the new generation of crypto investors are gamers. Armed with this newfound knowledge, CryptoSlots has launched a new game, Go for Gold.

CryptoSlots Casino Platform

Operated by one of the most experienced players in the gaming industry, Slotland Entertainment SA, CryptoSlots was established in 2018 and is currently compatible with several operating systems.

As reported on their website, CryptoSlots offers gamers a new-fangled gaming experience, something completely different from anything they’ve seen before. That’s not all. For the sake of transparency, this online casino has integrated Probably Fair, a mathematical system, which according to the team, has been deployed to ensure that the outcome of any game is unknown both by the casino and the player, guaranteeing gamers a fair chance.

As a blockchain-based gaming platform, CryptoSlots do not only give gamers total control of their money, the platform also ensures that they can seamlessly trace each bet placed.

Go for Gold

While there are a ton of gaming options on CryptoSlots, Go for Gold, the platform’s recently launched game ranks very high in terms of quality. The online casino reveals that this game is already at par with some of the previously existing ones.

A user-centric game, getting started has been made as easy as possible. All gamers would need to do is sign up by inputting an email address, a username, and a password. With over 50 pay-lines and bets ranging from as low as $0.5 to $10, Go for Gold distinct itself from all of the others on the CryptoSlots crypto gaming platform. Surprisingly, from August 5 – 11th, gamers can double their deposits to play this new game with the bonus code, NEWSPINS.

New players, according to the CryptoSlots team, will receive a whopping 133% bonus on their initial deposit using the bonus code, WELCOME133.

Incorporating Provably Fair into Go for Gold, the online casino is seeking to offer old and new gamers a transparent gaming experience, one where the outcome is incognito until the game is completed.

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