KORECoin Team Announces KOREPhone Smartphone

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KORECoin Team Announces KOREPhone Smartphone
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KORECoin announced its new KOREPhone option is under development.

Created by Satoshi Nakamoto, bitcoin is a unique way to make transactions in an anonymous way. Furthermore, it eliminated the need for middlemen, such as banks and governments.

KORECoin announced it has released a new service called KOREPhone. The new offering is a smart phone that enables people to make anonymous wallet transactions, make address to address phone calls and use web browser. Besides, it allows making traditional cell phone calls. KORE team is excited to bring the KOREPhone to the market and include it to a range of KORE Platforms.

KORE’s DEV delayed the launch of the alpha version until October 18th, because of certain difficulties.

KORE was the first company that launched a TOR PoSA (Proof of Stake Anon) green wallet allowing anonymous transactions. Moreover, it was the first to integrate Free Calling feature in its wallet after the ALPHA Release of KOREVoipA. In order to test the Windows wallet, it can be downloaded at KORECOIN.org.

Another feature is KORESurf, a wallet embedded browser, which provides an access to the TOR network. All users’ requests remain anonymous.

THE KOREVoIPA v3 alpha release will include such tools as instant messages, enabling users to send and receive messages through KORE Address to Address feature. The voicemail will allow sending messages when the person is not online. Presence notification feature shows if the person you want to call to is online. VoIP alpha version will be available on OSX, Windows and Linux.

Meantime, KOREVoIPA beta release will involve KOREPoBA, a unique way of burning coins which provides users with more anonymity. Real time Anon-Video Calling will be available using KORE Address to Address calling option. Moreover, people will be able to make traditional phone calls to any part of the world at a local fee.

KOREVoIPA will soon announce its “Calling All APP Coders” on the “XDA Forums” for those who are interested in modifying their apps so that they will be compatible with the KOREPhone platform.

KORECoin is targeted at becoming the platform of products that will be actively used and adopted by the public. The company’s aim is to ensure the anonymity of its users. Besides, the firm cautions people not to believe current smart phone producers who claim to offer high anonymity, as it is “too good to be true”.

KORE’S team of developers and DEV are committed to further develop new services and are ready to meet the challenges that may arise in the future. The company’s unique line of products is available at its site KORECOIN.org.

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