TransferWise Undermines the Potential Advantage of Blockchain Technology

Here’s a look into the myth of TransferWise regarding blockchain and why it is wrong into its belief.

Bitcoin Shopping May be Closer than We Think

Baran Giresunluoglu, professional investor and stock trader, shares his clues to Bitcoin shopping, which he thinks could be even closer than we think.

USDX Wallet: a Solution for Effortless Crypto Transfers

USDX Wallet, which enables multi-level security of transactions and instant transfers of assets via a phone number, is an efficient solution to conduct effortless crypto transfers. Its token sale is already live.

US Election Commission Gives Green Light for Support of Favorite Candidates via Crypto Mining

Under the FEC advisory opinion, it would be possible to support political campaigns by donating computer power to mine crypto for preferred candidates.

India Ready to Announce Its Stance on Cryptocurrencies

After years of ambiguity, the Indian government might finally reveal a regulatory draft for the cryptocurrency sector in the country before the turn of the year.

Ripple Allegedly Negotiating with Bank of America over Collaboration

While the entire crypto market is in a downturn following the hard fork, Ripple and their XRP are faring the best, pulling ahead of ETH by market cap, becoming the number two cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Cash Hash War Stacking Heavy Loses

Miners on both sides of the Bitcoin Cash divide are currently running at significant losses after the hard fork of November 15, crypto experts from BitMex exchange have claimed.

Huobi Turns into Communism in a Bid to Get Support for Its Domestic Businesses

With a view to strengthen ties with the Chinese government, cryptocurrency exchange Huobi has set up its own Communist Party branch.

Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH/USD Trends of November 20–26, 2018

In case the historical Ethereum price level of $140 hold, traders can initiate buy setups in anticipation for bullish trend.

Bloodbath in Cryptocurrency Market Continues, Bitcoin Slips Below $5000

The crypto markets entered a major correction on Monday while losing $25 billion market cap for the second time in last one week.