Bitcoin Price Increases by 838,000,000% in Ten Years

In the last ten years since its inception, the Bitcoin surge has shocked other traditional markets in an unprecedented move. Can we still expect a move like that over the next ten years?

Porsche Presents Cheaper Version of the All-Electric Taycan to Compete Tesla

Porsche presented their newest car – the Taycan 4S, which is the third version of their new all-electric Taycan series.

Pixel 4 and Other Stuff to Watch out for at Google’s Hardware Event

Googles’ annual hardware event is taking place on Tuesday next week and lots of great stuff are expected to be presented.

TON vs SEC: What Is Telegram’s Next Move?

The SEC is looking to stop Telegram from issuing its GRAM tokens, for violating the Commission’s rules. Telegram is yet to make an official decision, however, how much of a play does the company have?

Sensor Tower Data Shows App Revenue Rose 23% YoY to $21.9B in Q3

The data revealed by Sensor Tower showed that the revenue of both Google Play and App Store is growing.

Ripple CEO Believes XRP is Better for Payments than Bitcoin

In his recent interview, Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple, shared his vision about Ripple and XRP, as well as the industry itself.

Chinese Media Expresses Caution before Phase 2 Talks in the US-China Trade Deal

After some positive developments in the phase 1 of the US-China trade deal, the U.S. stock market saw some surge.

Ted Livingston States Kik Messenger Is Not Shutting Down

Despite the battle against the US SEC Kik will not shut down. It has been announced that Kik is going to struggle for its existence.

SEC, CFTC and FinCEN Release Joint Statement for Crypto Regulation

Three major financial regulators released a statement specifically to the crypto sector, explaining that all financial institutions must follow laid down banking laws.

G7 States Libra May Pose Threat to Financial Stability

The G7 believes that Libra, as well as other global stablecoins, may negatively influence the financial situation in the world.

Source: CoinMarketCap
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