2019 Will Be Even Worse for Cryptos, Believes Famous Californian Professor

While some remains optimistic about the current market decline, crypto-naysayers take this occasion to sentence Bitcoin and the rest of crypto-waggon to death.

Thanks US Shutdown: Why Bakkt and Others Will Likely be Delayed

The ongoing government shutdown achieved a new milestone on Friday by hitting the record for the longest shutdown in US history. While all the spheres are negatively affected, this has laso put key developments in the crypto space on hold.

Russia Will Not Buy $10 Billion Worth of Bitcoin, and Here’s Why

Recent news that “Russia will buy $10 billion in Bitcoin and ditch the U.S. dollar” is backed by the publications such as The Telegraph, Bitcoinist, Daily Hodl and even The Fortune. However it seems that they all took the bait.

Bitmain Cancels Texas Mining Operations

Konstantin Rabin, financial expert and crypto enthusiast, unveils what hides behind Bitmain’s recent decision to cancel mining operaions in Texas explaining what this could mean for the whole industry.

HSBC Further Explores Blockchain Adoption, Settles $250B Transaction Using the Tech

Global bank HSBC has processed $250B transaction using blockchain. Being set to further push blockchain adoption, the company is now exploring how this technology could help its multinational clients.

LedgerX Rolls Out New Index to Help Investors Track Bitcoin Price Swings

LedgerX offers crypto traders its new Bitcoin volatility index to help them build their trading strategy more efficiently.

Malaysia’s Securities Watchdog Imposes Severe Legislation on Cryptos and ICOs Today

Malaysia’s watchdog ‘Securities Commission’ will regulate the digital assets market making sure businesses follow strict AML and CFT rules.

Belarus-based Currency.com Launches the World’s First Regulated Tokenized Securities Exchange

Licensed, authorized and regulated by the High Technology Park of Belarus, Currency.com allows investors to trade, invest in, and benefit from real-world financial instruments by directly using cryptocurrencies.

Bakkt Makes Its First Prominent Acquisition Anticipating Long-Awaited Approval by the CFTC

While Bakkt is still waiting for the approval by the CFTC to launch its planned Bitcoin futures platform, it announced its first acquisition.

Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH/USD Trends of January 15–21, 2019

Should the bulls defend the demand level of $109 and the price bounces Ethereum price will resume its uptrend movement and may have its target at the previous high of $164.