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Service Upgrades, Massive Discounts of up to $800 on PR Services Announced by Bitcoin PR Buzz

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 4 min read
Service Upgrades, Massive Discounts of up to $800 on PR Services Announced by Bitcoin PR Buzz
Photo: Bitcoin PR Buzz / Facebook

Blockchain marketing and PR company Bitcoin PR Buzz has announced the discount up to USD 800 on their packages for cryptocurrency news portals.

In the last decade, blockchain technology has come from a small, eccentric, concept of value exchange to a multi-billion dollar market. The technology has rocked the foundations of the financial world, while cementing its position permanently in the transfer mediums of information and value..

The technology has proven itself to be sound. However, it is still compared to the infancy and low penetration of what was the internet in the early 90’s. For decentralized technology organizations, whether established or start up, getting the word out to the public is crucial to success. This is where blockchain marketing and PR companies such as Bitcoin PR Buzz come in.

Understanding the ever increasing demand for investor and backer outreach by blockchain platforms, Bitcoin PR Buzz, the oldest blockchain PR agency in the world, has recently upgraded its popular press release services. The services are categorized into budget-friendly packages, that include publications of press releases to some of the biggest blockchain and cryptocurrency news portals.

These include,, Coinspeaker, The Bitcoin News, Oracle Times, ZYCrypto, Cripto Noticias, Criptomoedas Facil, Bitcoin News Latin America, Arabia and Indonesia. Along with press releases, Bitcoin Pr Buzz also offers featured articles on these portals.

Accompanying the services are press releases on up to 400 traditional, mainstream financial and news portals such as NBC, Fox, International Business Times, Yahoo Finance, Reuters, Marketwatch, Boston Globe, Digital Journal, San Diego Tribune, WND and many more.

With an increased number of portals to outreach, Bitcoin PR Buzz has reduced the price tag on the Ultimate Press Release package by USD 100 and an astounding USD 800 on its most popular Ultimate Executive Package. The Platinum Executive package has been reduced by a substantial USD 500.

COO Bitcoin PR Buzz, Alex Thurston said:

“With these changes to our core offerings, we are striving to make our market-leading Bitcoin press release service affordable for everyone. I am also very excited to see the great exposure our current and new clients will receive with these package changes!“

Bitcoin PR Buzz has also launched a fully backed Social Media Management Service. Working with other blockchain portals such as, the PR agency has formulated a broad social media strategy that engages investors and users in real time through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. A dedicated, professionally trained Social Media Manager ensures that efficient and effective marketing strategies are executed, while being regularly in touch with clients.

Bitcoin PR Buzz has also launched a separate copywriting service. For platforms and organizations seeking professional, high quality writing services, Bitcoin PR Buzz offers a wide array of blog posts, article writing, ghostwriting and other written content in this.

Each experienced writer in Bitcoin PR Buzz staff is hand picked, possessing the highest quality of writing, in depth knowledge of the technology and industry. The writers have the fastest article turnover in the industry without compromising on the high standards set by the organization.

Bitcoin PR Buzz is the oldest blockchain dedicated PR agency in the world. Established so early in the blockchain industry, the company used the word Bitcoin to let customers know they were in the hands of the world’s most specialised blockchain PR Firm. Bitcoin PR Buzz has worked with many of the biggest blockchain projects, such as LISK, UTRUST and ARK, and has propelled over 800 clients to success in its’ 6 years of operation.

The PR agency has taken countless platforms and their Token Sales to new heights and increased investor outreach through its unmatched professional services. With each member of the organization a zealot of blockchain, Bitcoin PR Buzz is dedicated and passionate about its work.

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