Eugenia Kovaliova

July 26th, 2018

BINEX.TRADE unveiled the Alpha version of its innovative exchange in order to test-run the exchange platform’s performance without the traders.

July 26th, 2018

OraSaifu has launched the world’s first all-in-one hardware cryptocurrency wallet, offering its users bank level of security for credit cards and cryptos.

July 26th, 2018

Cryptocurrency futures and options exchange Deribit enables traders to take fiat currency loans backed by cryptocurrency and digital asset collaterals.

July 26th, 2018

AVINOC connects passengers, airlines, air traffic control and travel agencies to bring the power of decentralization into the General Aviation.

July 24th, 2018

Initial coin offerings (ICOs), the funding mechanism for releasing new digital currencies, are an enigma. They are at once a vital component for the proliferation of the decentralized economy, and they are one of the most controversial aspects of its development.

July 24th, 2018

XMR Wallet is one of the few wallet platforms which conducted a third-party audit and published its results publicly. All the issues found are already resolved.

July 19th, 2018

rent24 launches its PRIMARY platform – the world’s first blockchain solution for everyday life. The token sale begins on August 1, 2018.

July 17th, 2018

Innovative blockchain platform Module enables its users monetize unused storage on their smartphones and tablets, do smart contracts, develop apps and get paid.

July 14th, 2018

QuickX, a blockchain project backed by by an ex-politician from of Malta, is to improve the process of conducting transactions on a decentralized platform.

July 13th, 2018

JiojioMe, a Singapore-based mobile app connecting advertisers with their potential user base, has revealed the details of its platform’s development.

July 11th, 2018

Having achieved its soft cap with ease during private TGE, INGOT Coin will act as a bridge between blockchain tech and regular financial market.

July 9th, 2018

Cryptocurrency exchange BINEX.TRADE has recently announced its Brand Ambassador Program, promising to reward its users for participation.

July 9th, 2018

ICO All-In, a comprehensive rating system, will stress out trustworthy ICOs from a wide variety of doubtful ones to help contributors make the right choice.