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What Can We Expect From 2016 in Bitcoin Gambling?

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by Tatsiana Yablonskaya · 3 min read
What Can We Expect From 2016 in Bitcoin Gambling?
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The tendency of offering bitcoin as a payment option is becoming more popular among casinos.

The year of 2015 say the launch of multiple online casinos while All Slot Casino has proved to be one of the most successful. Last yeat it celebrated its 15-year anniversary. The U.S. continues fighting for the legalization of online gambling and now enjoys a temporary win in favor of the latter. So let’s find out what changes we can expect in 2016.

Hopefully we will observe the understandable impact of bitcoin popularization. As the cryptocurrency becomes more and more widespread, casinos offering bitcoin as a banking option become more popular as well. Bitcoin hasn’t fully proved to be a reliable currency. However the interest in it doesn’t wane. It sounds promising that casinos appeared with bitcoin as the only method of banking. Now we have BitCasino and VegasCasino, but in 2016 we are eager to see more.

Everyone, who worked with bitcoin at least once, can say for sure that bitcoin payments offer more advantages compared to the traditional ones. Such payment options as credit cards, bank transfers, and PayPal are certainly convenient, but they charge up to 3.5% in fees per card transaction. Let’s not mention bank transfers which are not only expensive, but also take several days to deliver funds.

Bitcoin transactions are settled within minutes and are not subject to high fees. Thus no wonder that online casinos take interest in the cryptocurrency. Due to raised awareness, more and more people appreciate its advantages and it is only a matter of time when all gambling websites start accepting bitcoin.

Talking about benefits of bitcoin as a digital currency, it is hard to ignore what benefits can have casinos themselves if switch to bitcoin. Online gambling websites have customers all over the world, in different countries with different currencies. Bitcoin is something that can unite them. What can be easier than accepting payments in the cryptocurrency that is universal for everyone?

Recent studies in 2015 proved that the use of mobile devices to play at online casinos is becoming more frequent and most likely will continue to grow throughout the next year. Indeed, many of the new casinos appeared in 2015 were mobile casinos, designed for the ever-growing population of online gamblers.

Following the progress, online casinos need to understand that bitcoin is a must for them. To sum it all up, here are 5 main reasons why bitcoin is better than dollar for online gambling. It is worth reading not only for gamblers, but for all people dealing with online payments. And it’s pretty for each of us because let’s look at our society obviously – we all in that or other way live online. Thus we all look for the reliable, quick and cheap way to pay online.


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