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XRP May Soon be Listed on Yet Another Euronet Worldwide Subsidiary

UTC by Julia Sakovich · 3 min read
XRP May Soon be Listed on Yet Another Euronet Worldwide Subsidiary
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It is expected that, a subsidiary of Euronet Worldwide, will soon list XRP. Nevertheless, the exact timeline was not disclosed yet.

Ripple and XRP are continuing to conquer the world. Now it said there are good chances for XRP to be listed by which is a subsidiary of Euronet Worldwide. is a Canada-headquartered company that provides online foreign exchange tools and services. You may have heard about it in the context of its online currency converter app. Its users can get comprehensive exchange rate information and enjoy various currency-related services via website including cross-border money transfers.

A conclusion that we may soon see XRP among the listed assets on we can make based on the company’s tweet. One Twitter user @BehindTheLedger, an enthusiast of Ripple and XRP, tagged and asked a question whether more coverage of XRP could be expected on their site in the near future.

The company gave a positive answer but no particular timeline was provided.

Ria Money Transfers and Ripple

All these talks about a possibility to see XRP listed on just followed the news that the community received from another subsidiary of Euronet Worldwide, Ria Money Transfers.

We have already reported that Ria Money Transfers signed an agreement to join RippleNet. It means that now customers of Ria will be able to be connected and to carry out transactions via this extended network that can boast a partners base of over 200 financial institutions around the globe. Moreover, such Ripple’s product as xCurrent will ensure lower transaction costs and higher transaction speed.

New Opportunities for Ripple and XRP

Speaking about this new partnership with Ripple, Michael J. Brown, Euronet’s CEO and President, stated that in his opinion this cooperation would support Euronet in achieving its long-term goals related to the company’s growth and expansion.

He also noted that Ripple (as well as Alipay which is also in the row of new Euronet’s collaborations) would allow them to facilitate the way they sell products and to stay strong in the severe industry’s competition.

But at the same time, it’s important to understand that this collaboration is beneficial not only for Euronet and its subsidiaries. It is said to become a really win-win game.

Euronet is considered to be one of the leading payment providers in the world. In 2018, it managed to process nearly 4 billion transactions which amounted to approximately $115 billion in payments. The company has more than 43,711 ATMs, and it offers its services via 369 money transfer locations that are available in 165 countries in different corners of the world. The number of its PoS terminals is around 1 million.

Moreover, as Euronet is planning to use Ripple’s Blockchain to provide its services, Ripple will get access to millions of Euronet’s clients. These factors all together may become a great booster for XRP and its price in the future.

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