Bitcasino Holds Charity Poker Tourney After Raising 20BTC in COVID-19 Donations

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Bitcasino Holds Charity Poker Tourney After Raising 20BTC in COVID-19 Donations

Crypto gaming pioneer and their community of players have managed to raise 20BTC in support of COVID-19 relief by way of donating player Loyalty Rewards.

Among the many notable efforts in raising funds to help those most affected by the coronavirus pandemic, it has to be said that the spirit of giving is not absent from the crypto community at large.

The community, for one, exemplifies the generous ideals of crypto, together raising 20 BTC in its ‘Crypto vs Covid’ campaign. Staying true to its roots of crypto, gaming, and coming together for a common purpose, Bitcasino proudly presented its latest endeavor: a No Limits Hold’em Charity Poker Tournament kicking off on May 16th at 5 pm UTC. Sets the Tone for Crypto Communities’ Response to the Pandemic

Crypto gaming pioneer Bitcasino has grown its loyal community over the years, uniting them in the wider industry’s efforts to prove itself as a legitimate and powerful force in the digital economy. They have been unafraid to speak up on social issues as well, lending financial support to charitable causes that find resonance with the ideals of the crypto community. Contributing to a good cause, such as the COVID-19 global pandemic, is a natural extension of this ongoing growth.

Most recently, as part of its internal ‘Crypto vs Covid’ campaign, Bitcasino players were able to contribute points gathered under the platform’s loyalty program, with its monetary value evenly matched by Bitcasino itself. It further highlights the company’s desire to not spare any effort when it comes to doing social good or helping those in need.

As a result, the crypto gaming tribe of Bitcasino has raised 20 BTC, only a week after successfully launching a virtual relief concertorganized with the help of The Giving Block.

It was the success of these efforts, and the recognition that the global Covid-19 relief effort will require even more financial support, that led to Bitcasino joining forces once more with The Giving Block, this time with the Pioneer Club, to host the “No Limit Hold’em” charity poker tournaments.

Poker Face Off with Crypto Influencers

Platform compatriot Bitcasino has announced that it will organize a poker tournament, with famous blockchain stars like Litecoin CEO Charlie Lee, and the founder of Bitcoin magazine David Bailey. The event commenced on May the 16th, 2020.

Previous tournaments of a similar nature have attracted quite the turnout in terms of crypto celebrities and influencers This latest addition to the list of ongoing relief efforts will undoubtedly yield a similar turnout.

Binance Charity has graciously stepped in to match all funds raised with a 2 to 1 ratio, while Bitcasino itself has pledged to double donations of up to $10,000. These combined efforts will bring in much-needed funds for COVID-19 relief efforts. Director of Casino Tauri Tiitsaar reflected on the successes of past charity campaigns and pledged to do more in the future to continue to demonstrate to the world how crypto is a powerful force for positive change. He added:

“Now’s the time to band together with both the crypto community in support of those who are most vulnerable to the threat of COVID-19.”

Help make this latest Charity Poker Tournament a success so the fight against Covid-19 is strengthened. Entry only costs $100, payable by card, or by a range of crypto at the Pioneer Club purchase page. Join the No Limit Hold’em charity poker tournament.

To learn more about the COVID-19 relief efforts and how to donate as part of the poker tournament, visit Bitcoin Tuesday Now.

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