AMZN Stock Rises 1.6% as Amazon Gets into Big Gaming with Crucible

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AMZN Stock Rises 1.6% as Amazon Gets into Big Gaming with Crucible
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Amazon has introduced its first big-budget multiplayer shooter game called Crucible. This comes as the technology giant is seeking to enter into gaming big time. Inc (NASDAQ: AMZN) has gone into gaming with the introduction of its first big-budget game: Crucible. Crucible is the first team-oriented video game by Amazon. One more is expected this year. The free shooter game is aimed at Amazon Prime subscribers.

Meanwhile, Amazon (AMZN) stock was at $2,489. It means that the stock is 1.62% up.

Amazon Gets It Right

Crucible is one game that many will enjoy playing. Set on a distant planet with lots of hurdles, traps, and creatures to fight, the players must at least work in teams to achieve some of the aims.

The ultimate prized possession in Crucible is called the essence. It helps to rejuvenate the players or “hunters”. Essence also enables the hunters to improve their fighting styles ( very much like other fight games). The players are all hunting for essence. Depending on the situation, the player might be working with another hunter or against one.

Crucible from Amazon Comes with Unique Characters

The hunters are unique characters. each one comes with a different history.

Earl has his bulk frame and is propelled across short distances by a small jet engine that can carry his frame. Earl’s quad cannon can pack a punch and delivers the goods.

Summer is a galactic champion whose primary weapon of use is her flamethrower. She does have a character element that has its appeal.

Drakhal brings the crazy combination of aggression and brute force in one body. He uses his ax to break and cut things.

Bugg is the botanical android character. He may seem innocuous in his approach to things but can be extremely deadly. He has the unique ability to drop plant turds that explode. And he protects his friends and allies as well.

Sazan knows how to work with her tools to get the job done. her electro-knife and two guns are more than enough to cause problems.

Rahi and brother fit the description of “brains and brawn”. The duo work together and can kick ass if need be with advanced offensive and defensive capabilities.

Captain Mendoza is your regular soldier with a few addons. Healing and cover provide the hunter with the required tools to win wars.

Shakiri is a master fighter who uses her star lock pistol and her blade. She brings the fight to her opponents. She is quick and accurate.

Tosca works with her brains to create chaos for opponents. She is smart, quick cunning, and effective. She can change the outcome of a battle with a sophisticated shotgun and teleporting abilities.

Ajonah uses guerilla warfare to her advantage. Her harpoon gun makes victory worthwhile. She also knows how to deceive her enemy by setting up traps.

Essence Is the Primary Currency

Players will find that essence is needed to change the fighting style. This is where it gets interesting. Each mission objective is designed to enable the player to get the most use out of the essence collected,

Crucible comes in three game modes. Heart of the hives matches four players on either side to kill huge “hive” creatures. The aim is to collect the essence which is in their hearts after they have been killed. The team that gets three hearts first wins.

Alpha hunters allow for two hunters to tag team and fight everyone else. The tag team left standing wins. Players that die in action could rejoin the game and team up with other solo hunters. The weird part about this game mode is if the tag team is left standing at the end of the day.

In Harvester command, teams of eight on either side fight each other to control essence harvesters. These harvesters can gather massive amounts of the essence. Each team must fight to reach 100 points to win.

This multi-genre game has been seen by many to be a huge success as an entree for Amazon. It also shows that the technology giant is not resting on its oars. It is another foray into the gaming world after the technology giant’s Twitch acquisition in 2014.

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