Breakout Gaming Group Announces New Poker Website that Accepts BRK Tokens

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by Andy Watson · 3 min read
Breakout Gaming Group Announces New Poker Website that Accepts BRK Tokens
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Online betting and gambling is becoming a redundant story in blockchain circles.

There are numerous ways in which they are being progressed for the further development and decentralization of the industry. Currently, there is plethora of them, each with its own token and unique capabilities. But, one aspect is common: that is the increasing trend of decentralization.

Poker is perhaps the most popular online gambling game. People have taken a liking to it ever since it made its debut online — due to the ease of play and  innovative graphics available at each portal.

But, the ease of blockchain and transparency has never been there. Breakout Casino, a new entry in the decentralized online gambling has recently launched its first online poker platform that will accept its native BRK tokens.

Breakout is a member of the GG Network, one of the world’s top-ranked gaming network. To kick start their initiative, the BRK tokens will be offered in addition to Bitcoin and USD. While there is not much intermingling between these different funding sources right now, the site will soon add BRK-dominated tables and dual-cashier balances thus allowing seamless transfer in between these currencies.

James Stroud, CEO of Breakout Coin Services, the company behind this launch, said:

“We hit a major milestone with the launch of BRK-denominated gaming. Our focus now is to add the acceptance of BRK across all of our gaming platforms.”

It is indeed an ambitious move by the platform to introduce their tokens on a poker platform alongside BTC and USD. They are also very different in their approach towards gaming, as they don’t issue just one coin for all of the games, but rather different coins for different games. Breakout believes that one-coin-for-all is not a good long-term approach, especially in a business that is so unpredictable.

The BRK token is a readily available token and can be traded on popular cryptocurrency exchanges like Bittrex. The poker network will thus become one of the most forward-thinking online gambling networks out there with the acceptance of this coin.

The blockchain side of things is where the Breakout Network is trying to showcase its true innovation. Rather than having a single currency with a Proof-of-work (POW) or Proof-of-stake (POS) system, their different coins operate on varying protocols.

The Breakout Coin BRK is a general use coin that are limited in number, BRX on the other hand is a POS based system while the SIS coin is an ingenious hybrid of the POW and POS systems. Each coin has different purposes and is likely to fuel further interest in the whole family of coins.

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