Cardalonia Metaverse Project Set to Reward Token Stakers with Free NFTs

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Cardalonia Metaverse Project Set to Reward Token Stakers with Free NFTs
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As Cardalonia continues to gain traction and investors’ attention, today, the development team is pleased to announce to the investing public that most of the activities highlighted in the project roadmap have been achieved after a medium post in April.

Cardalonia is a Cardano-powered metaverse project built to revolutionize the DeFi space. It has a utility token, $LONIA, which users can use to pay for goods and services.

After launching Cardalonia, the development team has continued to improve on the project’s outlook. As of today, the team has provided a non-custodial staking vault to enable token holders to stake their assets to earn passive income and other mouth-watery rewards without the tokens leaving their wallets. The non-custodial staking vault operates in a similar fashion like the Cardano Stake Pools.

Unlike other Cardano-based projects, Cardalonia’s non-custodial staking vault has been integrated with ADA handles, which means, $LONIA holders can now display their ADA handle address. Since the release of the non-custodial staking vault for investors’ participation, more than 3.3 million $LONIA tokens have been staked with 160 active wallets.

The development team is not relenting in its effort to reposition the crypto and decentralized finance space, despite the downward trend the crypto market currently exhibits. One project that the team is currently working on to woo investors is the development of free NFT drops for $LONIA stakers.

Fractal Music NFT for Cardalonia Theme Song

Cardalonia has a third-party metaverse asset, where only stakers with ADA handles can create and personalize custom avatars. There’s also a game which the team plans to release some days after the completion of the current seed round. At the end of the round, the team will then decide whether to burn unsold tokens or distribute them to a special treasury after a voting process. As a $LONIA staker, you will be able to vote in the project’s governance structure.

If you’re interested in purchasing $LONIA since the price is cheap, you can visit the official website to get started!

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