MobileGo is a product of the Game Credit Mobile and Gaming Store. It was specifically created for the purpose of marketing, branding and development of applications on the Game Credit Mobile Store. MobileGo is a digital coin that prevails game players the opportunity to buy game content and features. It is a smart token that aims to facilitate matches and tournaments between players through a decentralized platform. It is also for the purpose of gamifying the mobile platform, to encourage game players to partake through the use of rewards and for loyalty. The centerpiece of the creation of MobileGo is the creation of a virtual marketplace for the selling and buying of game content and features between players, gamers are given the opportunity to play against one and the other and also to decentralize competitions and tournaments.

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Coin’s Details

  • Market Capitalization


  • Volume 24H


  • Blockchain

  • Circulating supply


  • Total supply


  • Proof type

    Proof of Work (PoW)

  • Algorithm

    Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS)

  • Team Location

  • First announced

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