Competitive Platform by MobileGo Team Shows How to Make Good Playing Games

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Competitive Platform by MobileGo Team Shows How to Make Good Playing Games

Quite often games are played for entertainment, but users of Competitive platform by MobileGo can play games and give good support for charity organizations.

While it may seem that everything possible in the gaming industry has been already invented, designed and created, some teams still have something new to offer and MobileGo team is a good example. Its Competitive platform, the beta version of which is currently available, is here to offer new opportunities and experience for a wide audience.

Main Idea of Competitive Platform

According to the team, their main goal is to provide users with access to casual games that they like. At the moment there are 5 games but it is planned that in the future this list will become longer. Users can play games and participate in a variety of tournaments.

Product Owner of the Competitive platform states:

“Mission and vision of our project are to entertain users providing them with casual games that they can play and by playing games and participating in the tournaments gamers can do some good.

Honestly, it is created for users to have a place where they can play their favorite games. Now there are 5 casual ones and we will add other titles in the future. There can be a lot of MGO or GShare Gold, or another stuff for them for free. And also they can use the received winnings or just an activity to support a charity organization, and so on.”

While some features are free of charge, some others are available for a fee to be paid in the GShare Gold or MobileGo currencies (MGO tokens) that can be also won as prizes in games.

To take part in the GShare tournaments users need to pay a fee in GShare Gold but prizes can be received in both above-mentioned currencies:

“Currently, you can take part in the GShare tournament only by paying a fee to GShare Gold, so GShareGold is used in our special system for participating in tournaments.”

Nevertheless, in the future, the team will add more opportunities for token holders. Users can allocate their funds not only for gaming stuff but also for supporting a charity organization, making donations and helping those who are in need.

As for the plans for the development of the project, the Product Owner told:

“We will integrate more and more systems to meet the needs of the charity, so that users during the game can do more goods, and donate, and support more diverse charity events.”

Who will Enjoy the Project

The platform is intended for a very wide audience without age, gender or status limitations. As the team notes, there’s no clear answer who is the precise targeted audience:

“There is no clear answer. We plan to get casual players, so it does not matter if it is a child, an adult or an elderly person. Anyone who is basically a gamer or wants to try his hand at the game, does something in this whole ecosystem. This is basically what we aim to do. So there is no age or other limit.”

While it offers casual games, the team expects to see users of all ages starting from children and ending up with elderly people. In the ecosystem, there is a great range of activities not only for skillful gamers but also for those who just want to test their skills in gaming.

Meanwhile, it is clear that when we speak about platforms like that there are always two parts of the audience: gamers and developers. And while the team tries to attract as many players as possible, at the moment the platform is entirely occupied by only one developer – Xsolla team. Nevertheless, in the future, there will be a possibility to integrate games of some other developers as well:

“We have a publisher account, which is now entirely occupied by Xsolla, but if any other company comes and says, “We want to integrate our game with you,” my team will do everything for integration, if it is possible.”

What Changes Competitive Platform will Bring

According to the team, their general idea to show people how they can do good in many ways. A long-term aim of the project is to show gamers that they can play their favorite games just for entertainment and do good simultaneously, to persuade the entire gaming industry that all together people can change the world.

Even children and teenagers who do not have their own income can win money in tournaments on the platform and donate them to the organization that helps people beat cancer, for example.

Speaking about the peculiarities of the project, the Product Owner stated:

“This is the first time you can play games and do good, without visiting a specific website, making donations and so on. You just do something that entertains you and make a personal contribution to a good cause – and that is valuable.”

Of course, people can donate money to some organizations directly but in this case, they need to visit special websites or use banking services, on the Competitive platform created by MobileGo team everything is much easier. It is just enough to participate in the tournament and get GShare Gold that can be taken as a prize or given to charity.

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