Sofiko Abeslamidze

BaaSid Represents a 100% Decentralized Personal Information Network
April 25th, 2018

No more fumbling through old emails trying to dig up a password you forgot. BaaSid establishes a fast way to safely confirm our identities online without any complicated steps and security threats.

Ethereum and Ripple Are ‘Noncompliant Securities,’ Says Former CFTC Chairman
April 24th, 2018

A former US Government regulator and Goldman Sachs partner, Gary Gensiern believes that unlike Bitcoin, the other major altcoins Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP) should be considered unregistered securities.

‘WordPress of Blockchain’: Proxeus Wants to Simplify Decentralization for Traditional Companies
April 23rd, 2018

In the blockchain space Proxeus provides a flexible and compatible application-backbone that enables both traditional and crypto-companies to digitize and run their business processes. Ensures True Anonymity with the Launch of Its Multi-Currency Crypto Mixing Service
April 23rd, 2018

The Bitcoin mixer BESTMIXER.IO will teach you to mix cryptocurrency correctly and with the maximum anonymity in order to maintain your own data security on the web.

Being Backed by IBM Watson, the Most Promising A.I Assistant Named ‘Daneel’ Is Taking Shape
April 23rd, 2018

The Estonia-based Daneel Company proposes a daily smart assistant using IBM Watson technology making Daneel the most powerful A.I. in cryptocurrency at your service.

World’s First Blockchain-based Simulation Game Fair.City Brings Transparency to Your Own Kingdom
April 19th, 2018

Fair.City is a real treasury found in the world of simulation games that exercises all blockchain perks to provide gamers with fair and transparent gaming environment.

AdHive Has Listed ADH Token on QRYPTOS Exchange, Ready to Be Added to HitBTC on April 17th
April 14th, 2018

AdHive, the first platform that fully automates ad placement with influencers, is happy to announce that in April 2018 ADH token will be listed on two major cryptocurrency exchanges.

Blockchain-based Mobile Games Platform ALAX Transforms Gaming to the Next Level
April 12th, 2018

Focusing on emerging markets and ‘unbanked’ consumers, ALAX aims to bring fresh air to the gaming industry and merge mobile game experience with blockchain innovation.

Education Ecosystem (LiveEdu) Will Integrate Parity as Official LEDU Wallet
April 12th, 2018

The largest project-learning library Education Ecosystem begins tackling another milestone by choosing to integrate Parity as the official ERC20 wallet to empower Education tokens.

Blockchain-based Online Shopping Platform Eligma Releases Alpha Version of AI-Driven Category Predictor
April 11th, 2018

Days before the crowdsale starts, Eligma, a cognitive commerce startup, has attracted investors’ attention by showcasing remarkable development process of their AI-driven platform.

The Genesis Vision Platform Releases Alpha Version for Transparent Trading
April 9th, 2018

A platform for the private trust management, Genesis Vision has launched a demo mode of its Alpha Version thus giving its users a free trial of investing and trading without any risk of losing money.

ExpertOption Introduces a 3-Step Ecosystem Fueled by a Single Coin
April 6th, 2018

Global leading broker ExpertOption has released a one coin for three investment platforms that are set to combine traditional online trading with blockchain investments.

Opiria Platform Utilizes the PDATA Token to Enable Secure Trading of Personal Data
April 5th, 2018

While data brokers invade the privacy of consumers to get their data, Opiria is creating a decentralized marketplace that offers companies the opportunity to buy personal data directly from consumers, without middlemen and with consumers’ full consent.