OmiseGo (OMG)

OmiseGO is an open payment platform and decentralised exchange issued on Ethereum, an open-source public blockchain. The stated objective is to provide better financial services for everyone, including both people who use traditional banking services and people in developing countries and locales which lack traditional banking infrastructure. Its token OMG was the first Ethereum project to exceed USD $1 billion valuation.
Rank 24
Price $3.45
Market Capitalization $483 271 950
24 Hours Volume $24 002 501
Available Supply 140 245 398 OMG
Total Supply N/A
Change (1 Hour) 0.5%
Change (24 Hours) 4.13%
Change (7 Days) 8.17%
OmiseGO News
May 25th, 2018

The decentralized network which is focused at scalability and proof-of-stake goes live on Unocoin after the update on future plans.

Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin and OmiseGo’s Joseph Poon Cooperate to Tackle Scalability Issues
August 17th, 2017

Vitalik Buterin and Joseph Poon join efforts to address Ethereum’s scalability issues by developing Plasma scaling solution to be compliant with the OmiseGo.