VSYS coin is the main crypto currency in V SYSTEMS blockchain. The main utility of VSYS coin is for rewarding the act of block producing and platform function use. VSYS coin features the strongest ability in payment across the globe, allowing completion of a massive transaction within as short as 1 second. It is also known for a low fee (less than 1 coin for each transaction) and the world highest security level that makes it less vulnerable to 51% attacks than bitcoin. Since the main net of V SYSTEMS was brought online on November 27th 2018, the 5,142,858,000 VSYS coins have been generated from its genesis block. By supernode minting, the V SYSTEMS blockchain will yield a fixed amount of VSYS coins as 283,824,000 every year, representing around 5% of the total supply which expected to decrease every year. More importantly, as all transaction fees in the V SYSTEMS blockchain will be destroyed, crypto deflation may be occurred. VSYS coin gives V SYSTEMS blockchain a balanced virtual economic, thus protecting long-term interest of coin holders and supernodes. In blockchain validating procedures, VSYS coins will be used for transaction fee payment, supernode contending, interest distribution, leasing, and minting. The VSYS coins will also be used to access applications built on the V SYSTEMS network, such as smart contracts, side chain, cross chain, and DApps, as well as pay for resources usage for projects built on V. SYSTEMS decentralized database cloud.

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Coin’s Details

  • Market Capitalization

    $104.7 M

  • Volume 24H

    $5.7 M

  • Circulating supply

    2 257 846 227

  • Total supply

    999 999 999 999 999

  • First announced

    Jan 11th, 2019

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