UBLEX Reaches Partnership with BitGo and V Systems for a Service Customers May Trust

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UBLEX Reaches Partnership with BitGo and V Systems for a Service Customers May Trust

UBLEX, a newly launched ambitious crypto exchange, has signed a partnership with BitGo and V systems. They show good perspectives to achieve their goal of easy and secure crypto management for investors around the world.

UBLEX, a new member among crypto exchanges, announced its new cooperation with BitGo and V systems, fulfilling its promise to develop ecosystem based on high transparency, clearness, stability and protection of the customers.

New Promising Crypto Exchange

It seems that UBLEX, which was founded in March 2019, pushes it hard to deliver on customers’ expectations, as already on April 25 they announced the launch of Virtual Financial Asset Management (VFAM) service, which simplifies the registration process and commission calculations. This way, they are working to become a full-fledged digital asset management platform.

Secondly, they signed a partnership with Future Money that helps to maximize customers’ assets by using big database, machine learning and distributed computing. Moreover, on their exchange platform users can work with a great variety of assets. They include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and EOS, and that’s just the beginning.

The CEO of UBLEX, William KOO has a huge experience in working with major US investment banks and hedge fund’s algorithmic trader. He said:

“We will expand partnership specialized in finance, blockchain and digital assets to create services that customers and digital asset can be safely trusted.”

Latest news hit that he wasn’t joking as there’s a new partnership on the way – with BitGo and V systems.

Why Cooperate?

By cooperating with BitGo and V systems UBLEX is going to accelerate the development of digital asset management services. Under the cooperation which paves the way for enhanced security and technical expertise of digital assets, BitGo will act as a safeguard for customers assets and trading environment, while V systems will guarantee scalable and stable blockchain platform.

Building relationships with such established and known players, UBLEX team hopes to get a competitive advantage in building customers’ trust and confidence towards them.

About BitGo

BitGo is one of the leading security platforms for blockchain technologies. They invented multi-signature Bitcoin wallet that prevents theft and losses. This company now manages $15 billion digital assets monthly.

They also achieved success in the launch of $100 million insurance for their customers provided by Lloyd’s of London. It should be mentioned that BitGo also signed partnership with Genesis (over-the-counter exchange) so the customers can trade cryptos directly.

By the way, this security platform was co-founded by Will O’Brien and Mike Belshe, known for supporting PayPal, Twitter, Tesla, etc.

About V systems

V systems is a blockchain project that seeks to reduce costs and to boost adoption and competitiveness of blockchain as a database. One of the project developers is Sunny King, who invented PoS (Proof of Stake). V systems uses a new version of it – SPOS (Supernode Proof of stake).

As we can see, UBLEX has very high standards and goals for the future. It is developing at a rapid-fire pace. It seems that now it’s all set to take a place among leaders within crypto exchanges.

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