Ublex Signs Two More Partnerships on the Way Towards Building Reliable Crypto Ecosystem

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Ublex Signs Two More Partnerships on the Way Towards Building Reliable Crypto Ecosystem

Ublex just made another step towards the user-friendly digital asset ecosystem, reaching new partnership with Future money and signing Memorandum of Understanding with EXX.

Ublex, a new player among crypto exchanges, is making another step towards its main corporate goal – secure, easy and transparent blockchain ecosystem. Now they reached a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with EXX to deepen their cooperation, and have entered into a partnership with Future Money to make the operation of its VFAM (Virtual Financial Asset Management) more stable.

MOU with EXX

EXX, that refers to Exchange X, is a professional exchange with global user base. It is known for a great volume of world-class coded currency trading being among top 10 in the sphere. EXX users can get the ET (EXX Token) in the process of trading, being also able to earn revenues from ET exchanges or use them to vote on major issues be it elections, smart contract audits or data risk controls.

Both Ublex and EXX are pushing it hard to facilitate development and popularization of digital assets. On this common ground, they have decided to build a global digital asset environment based on cryptography, expand business offering, and strengthen brand. By this cooperation, Ublex will gain EXX’s high transaction volume, stable technology, and customer service, which is believed to enhance exchange’s positions on the digital assets market.

Future Money and VFAM

Going further in its plans, Ublex announced another one partnership – one with Future Money. Future Money is a professional digital asset manager with expertise in blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), big data and traditional finance. Together with Ublex, it is going to provide better customer experience and stabilize operation of the VFAM. The CEO of UBLEX, William KOO explained:

“We will strive to build a digital asset ecosystem through continued partnerships and to create amazing results in the digital financial market. We are planning to roll out a good cryptography project at the end of May I will proceed with membership event.”

Just for a reminder, Ublex launched VFAM on April 25. Its goal is to enable crypto investors to manage their digital assets with no short-term end time. The system, if compared with other services, has easy registration and commission calculation.

Also, just recently Ublex reached partnership with BitGo and V Systems. In the framework of this cooperation, they want to enhance security for the customers and guarantee scalable and stable blockchain platform. It’s important to mention that Ublex is doing everything to speed up the development of digital asset management services.

“We will expand partnership specialized in finance, blockchain, and digital assets to create services that customers and digital asset can be safely trusted,” Ublex CEO explained.

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