What’s the Difference Between Crypto Trading and Casino?

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What’s the Difference Between Crypto Trading and Casino?
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A lot of people still have some prejudges against cryptocurrencies. They believe that cryptos are the roots of financial evil. However, step by step this myth is being broken.

Good things are happening all over the wonderful world of crypto. A lot of great progress has been made lately. But even now there’s still skepticism left about all things to do with crypto (especially with the older generation). Bitcoin=MLM=Casino=PonziCoin. Right?

Like all revolutionary inventions, Bitcoin has seen its share of untrustworthiness. However, now things are getting better as there is an undeniable proof of BTC worth (global companies adopting it, the price so far exceeding the dollar’s there’s no comparison). Still, crypto is often mixed with crimes and cons. Some people say that cryptocurrencies can be used to buy forbidden goods and start cons – but so can the dollar. Bitcoin in itself is an extremely powerful weapon that can be used for any purpose, just like any other type of money. Next time someone tells you crypto is used to buy drugs you can tell them that Bitcoin is still in its early adoption stages, which means that much more drugs are bought with US dollars.

Unfortunately, crypto is often associated with all the forbidden fruits the society has to offer. It’s common knowledge, the seedy underbelly of the Darknets can be revealed, if only you whisper in the night: “Ethe..” – and suddenly hacker ninjas are reaching for your wallet out of the screen as the Matrix phlegmatically consumes you and everything you’ve ever known. Falling under the textures, you’re destined to forever flap around in nothingness, alone, isolated, and terrified of the mounding white unknown. You might as well have invited Pennywise in or dip your head in a nacho sauce and go swimming with piranhas. Rumbling, blurry Darknets will devour what’s left. Slowly. Relentlessly. With pleasure.

That may very well be what the banks will have you believe, but actually, the percentage of people who commit crimes using Bitcoin is the same as the percentage who uses standard currency to do so. By the way, cash is actually untraceable while Bitcoin is weakly pseudonymous and can be tracked, which is really unattractive as far as criminals are concerned.

For 10 years already people are starting to grudgingly admit that perhaps crypto is the next step in the evolution of money. But there is still doubt. At first, they refused to accept it at all. Then they called it evil. Now instead of openly calling crypto sinister they’re saying it’s a frivolous pursuit. Capitulation is nearing.

One argument you hear often is that crypto is a lot like a casino. As someone quite knowledgeable in the ways of the world once said, the only way to win in a casino is to invest in it as a property. Which is completely true. And it’s understandable why people think crypto is a lot like gambling. Bitcoin goes up, it comes down…You may wake up one day and find out your savings are gone.

Let’s examine a bunch of reasons why crypto is not like gambling using the example of Nominex’s tournaments. Why do you care about tournaments? Using these, you can get a heap of massive bonuses, have fun testing your might, win real money and take it home, benefit from perks that run in parallel like the referral program, become a trading pro by constantly exposing yourself to the actual predators out there, and invite your friends. It’s basically like playing Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon with friends – but with serious prize money. But more than anything these tournaments are our best work yet so we want to show it off.

It’s this simple:

  • Come
  • Click “join the tournament” at Nominex.io and do business as usual (intelligent choices, patience)
  • Trades 500+ USDT per day
  • Withdraw profit or use it to get 8 types of new bonuses.

Here are some reasons why trading tournaments are the best.

Trading Tournaments are Actually Fun

You’re going to just roll willy-nillily and hope for the best? Destiny has been shaping your ancestors’ way for eons through blistering desserts, freezing snowstorms, merciless predators, vicious catastrophes, unreal tournaments, and all manner of hidden but deadly surprises. Nature has to offer over millions of years for them all to overcome all that – so you can just put some chips on red and sheepishly look at how Fate has its way with you? That’s your idea of having fun?

Now, consider trading. It takes a lot of serious brains to trade. Everyone will also tell you it’s extremely stressful. You need to be all you can be. It is important to stay in control for hours (if you’re day-trading). You need to be on top of it all, enduring immense pressure, relying only on yourself to steer the reins of your destiny past Scylla and Charybdis of leverage trading and fake-outs.

What is trading if not the ultimate test of courage, determination, and cold-blooded character? Wall Street is an adventure with a capital A.

No Rollover

In casinos, you get Welcome Bonuses but to get them out you have to wager tons of your own money. If you’re into casinos, you know how that works, so there is no need to explain. If you are not good enough, just don’t go there.

In crypto, you can get your prizes and earnings and get them out and be gone with them. Moreover, if Tim Draper is right, the $5000 bonus you win today will be worth $10 0000 in a couple of year’s time.

There Is No Barrier to Entry

There’s none of that “deposit $100 and get $300 to play with”. Nominex tournaments allow anybody to register within seconds and to start fighting for your right to be free.

All you need is to be a good trader. The money you can use however you like. Talk about standing at the helm of your Destiny! But this isn’t just about receiving your greatness with birth, like Superman. This is about rising from zero to hero. Painstakingly building everything you’re after and giving all you’ve got. Through intelligence, ferocity, and heck of a lot of great technology.

You Don’t Get Taken For a Ride

The casino scene is ripe with cases of people getting lied to by the system with no payouts happening or withdrawals taking weeks. This is why new blockchain casinos are supposed to be the messiah everyone is looking for. If you want to actually find out why casinos are seedy, you may read about it here.

In trading, everything is designed not to lure you in (from no clocks on the walls to labyrinths of gambling machines) but to create maximum transparency. All payments are completed on blockchain.

You also lose nothing by going to Nominex, registering for tournaments, and winning.

What can you get?

  • 1 place: 100 USDT + 300 NMX
  • 2 place: 60 USDT + 200 NMX
  • 3 place: 40 USDT + 150 NMX
  • 4 place: 30 USDT + 100 NMX
  • 5 place: 20 USDT + 50 NMX
  • 6-15 places: 10 USDT + 30 NMX
  • 16-25 places: 5 USDT + 20 NMX
  • 26-30 places: 3 USDT + 10 NMX

And remember, what you win or earn now will extremely likely be worth 20 times more in a coming couple of years according to someone who, buying 30 000 of those flashy little tokens at $649.39 each, made quite an ROI on Bitcoin.

Nominex offers the same instruments that made Tim Draper a billionaire: sophisticated tools, minimized risk, maximized rewards, experience, privacy, respect, security, and maximum transparency. Now, winning in that tournament – that takes a real hero. Your ancestors would be proud of you.

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