The wealth management industry is facing the challenges such as intense competition, fee compression, stricter regulations, and evolving customer needs. The impact of these forces and the response of industry stakeholders give rise to critical trends in customer preferences, new technologies, changing advisory models, and security and compliance. Wealth management clients are becoming more astute about financial planning, and they are seeking digital capabilities and better advisory options. The Forum is organized for BFSI Industry for exchanging experience and ideas and to answer the question on how to go digital in wealth and asset management. Join the conversation on social media with our official hashtag #BISdwam.


  • Partnership in the digital transformation era
  • Security program across the enterprise
  • Sustainability and ESG
  • Maturity of Hybrid model
  • Mass customization at scale

Key Learning Benefits

  • Understanding the evolution of digital wealth model
  • Looking at strategies to incorporate new digital channels with existing channels
  • Learning how to align clients’ needs with the digital experiences you’re making in order to remain competitive
  • Finding out if the digitalization of wealth management excludes the need for human-delivered services
  • Gaining an insight on developing the new retirement experience
  • Discussing how CEOs and leaders act in the future of wealth and asset management
  • Discovering IoT for creating a meaningful client experience
  • Analyzing cases where pain points in wealth management industry can be solved merely by business automation
  • Developing an understanding on how to use open banking for wealth management

Areas of responsibility:

  • IoT
  • Data Analytics
  • Cybersecurity
  • AI
  • Digitalization
  • Blockchain
  • Smart Contracts
  • Retail Wealth
  • Innovation
  • Product / Proposition Development
  • Business Transformation

Representatives Invited:

  • CIO
  • CDO
  • CTO
  • VP
  • Directors
  • Heads/Managers

Industry participating

  • BFSI Industry
  • Technology Providers
  • Software Developer
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