“BlockChainJam” is a blockchain conference series held since 2018. This year, the conference will be transformed into a new “platform” dedicated to spreading awareness on blockchain, helping anyone learn about the technology, and providing them with an opportunity to interact with each other – in addition to hosting the conference itself, we will also use the platform to host a podcast and study groups, as well as to provide a place for people to simply come together and connect with each other.

The conference is a major blockchain event held only once a year with the goal of helping advance the blockchain industry as a whole.

For the first time since the conference series has started, we will hold this year’s conference entirely online. The online format will allow people to join the conference without worrying about the physical distance and the time it takes to get to a conference venue, providing more people with the opportunity to participate in the event.

With people’s way of living a life expected to change dramatically during the current global circumstances, we believe now is a good time to learn how blockchain technology can help us navigate the new world and our conference will help facilitate interaction between the conference audience and some of the most promising, influential figures in the blockchain industry, spreading the awareness on the industry as a whole in the process.

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Mark Karpeles
Mark Karpeles

Tristan Technologies, Director/CTO

Theo Gonella
Theo Gonella

Product Manager at 0x

Josh Cincinnati
Josh Cincinnati

Executive Director at Zcash Foundation

Tetsuyuki Oishi
Tetsuyuki Oishi

Director at Japan Digital Money Association

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