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From the last few years, the cryptocurrency sector has been doing quite well. And for many people, small investments in crypto have proven to be extremely lucrative. However, crypto taxation becomes confusing to those investors who are new to the sector. As per the previous year’s IRS annual crime report, seizures from crypto-related activities accounted for 93% of all asset seizures. Crypto Tax Technologies can help the investors to access the crypto market. It is an automated program that calculates the tax you owe and further automatically generates a report for you. In other words, it is a tax filing software.

Integration of Crypto Tax Technology has a number of advantages. Cost effectiveness is one of the main benefits because it’s much better than hiring someone to do the work manually as this can simply save time and resources. It automates manual processes and it’s user friendly. This would help organisations to avoid mistakes that could cost huge fines. Apart from that, it is great for ‘Crypto-Intensive Businesses’ and businesses with multiple locations.

Group Futurista is glad to present to you the ‘Future of Tax Management for Cryptocurrencies’ virtual summit. This summit will include revolutionary keynotes, case studies and an amazing selection of industry-leading speakers around the globe who will come together to discuss the latest trends and technologies related to Tax Management in the crypto market.

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Ian Fay
Ian Fay

Partner at Deloitte Private New Zealand

Gangadhar Chippada
Gangadhar Chippada

Manager: KPMG Crypto Funds Audit & Advisory

Gangadhar Chippada
Gangadhar Chippada


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